October 18 Is everything calm on the WA vaccine stopping front?

Monday the 18th is here, and we are waiting.

While waiting to see and hear about all the layoffs regarding the WA State Vaccine Mandate layoffs (Inslee).


The only real news to report is that today (Monday, October 18), a Thurston County Superior Court judge dismissed a request for a stay of warrant.

This is no surprise, as Olympia is in Thurston County, and he is known to be very sympathetic to Governor Inslee, Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the state in general in legal matters.

According to new information from MyNorth-Ouest.com, the judge noted that many elements, stories and testimonies from the trial were enough “regarding” testimonials from more than 600 complainants were “not fully developed.”

The judge also said that the only damage it seemed to cause (the warrant) was purely financial. She said the plaintiffs had failed to meet their burden of proof to show that the vaccine’s mandate was unfair by “all applications”.

As to whether Inslee abused her emergency powers with this warrant, the judge ruled that her actions would likely be considered valid use of those powers, and she also said (according to MyNorthwest.com) that the plaintiffs “probably won’t prevail over this facial challenge.”


There has been nothing from the governor’s office or other state officials on the layoffs, or when they could potentially begin if they do occur.

Depending on which source you read, whether it’s the state (Inslee news releases) or various news reports, there is a significant gap between the number of warrant workers who are actually fully vaccinated. The state claims 90%, but then we see reports, such as the state’s recent ferry disruptions, that seem to make that figure appear to be too high.

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