Olszewski ‘I am the only GOP candidate who is a resident of Montana’

Republican U.S. House candidate Dr Al Olzeweski was on KGVO’s Talk Back Wednesday and answered listeners’ questions.

Dr. Olszewski is often asked which bill he would sponsor first if elected to Congress, and he always has the same answer.

“What’s the first bill you’re going to take out?” ” He asked. “I tell people, it’s very simple. If you see a fire, put it out. And the truth is they (the federal government) make more money when it comes to a bigger fire than when it comes to a smaller fire. Federal law incentives must therefore be changed so that the incentive is to turn it off early, and not wait for it to explode. “

A veteran asked Dr Olszewski about a surgery that was denied by Medicare.

“They (Medicare) don’t see their contract with America as a lasting contract,” he said. “For them it’s ‘a living and breathing document’ and the bureaucrats are changing the terms of service. In order for them to pay illegal immigrants for health care in all other states, they are going to have to take it away from the Medicare population. So, as the next congressman, I’m going to fight with the physician caucus, that if the government promises you a service and you actually pay for it, you should have that service delivered to you in good faith from the States- United. “

Olszewski then compared his candidacy to that of former Congressman and Home Secretary Ryan Zinke.

“But the truth is, Zinke is a big boy, and it was the Minister of the Interior who resigned. He’s from out of state and he’s a resident of California, and that’s kept a lot of other people from thinking about getting into this race.

Olszewski said not only was he the only Republican to run for Congress who is now a Montana resident, but he was also seen as more conservative than Ryan Zinke.

“The Conservative Union of America has noted that it is the oldest conservative militant organization in the United States,” he said. “They have a conservative national ranking on myself and on Mr. Zinke. My conservative ranking is 88 percent, while Ryan Zinke’s conservative ranking is 69 percent. “You can go to their website and see it for yourself. “

There are now four Democrats who have declared their candidacy in the United States House primary elections.

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