One of the most beautiful places in Switzerland is easily accessible from Milan, Italy

Whether by train, bus or car, you will be glad you made the trip from Milan to this beautiful Swiss region.

The Swiss region of Ticino sits on the border of northern Italy, which places it in a prime position for travelers to access both countries. It also helps that Ticino is absolutely stunning, with breathtaking mountain views thanks to the nearby Swiss Alps and the national parks surrounding it. Waterfalls and lakes abound in this region and, despite its beauty, it is one of the most underrated parts of Switzerland.

The Alpine landscape is dominated by its features, with towns featuring waterfalls and rivers running through them prominently. The Italian speaking villages are simply magical and offer the best of both worlds – Switzerland and Italy – to travelers. The best part about any trip to the Ticino region is the fact that it is easily accessible by train from Milan, making it a must-see on any European itinerary.

Milan to Guangzhou by train

The easiest and fastest way to get to Ticino is in the process. The railway connects the Italian city of Milan with the canton of Ticino and can take just over two to four and a half hours. The fastest train goes from Milano Centrale to Razzino, then travelers have to take a taxi (or hire a car) to cover the rest of the distance to the canton of Ticino, just under 30 minutes.

  • Cost of the ticket: 130 $ -170 $, depending on the season

Taxi providers

  • Taxi Michel
  • Grand Taxi Lugano

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Milan to Canton of Ticino by bus

Getting to Canton Ticino by bus will take around twice as long as by train, but will save travelers money. It is therefore the most economical option for those looking to stick to a budget while seeing all there is to see between the borders of Switzerland and Italy.

The bus service between the two cities is operated by Swiss Railways and Swiss PostAuto, departing from Milano Centrale and taking passengers to Gerra. It is best to book tickets for the bus in advance as they can often sell out on weekends and holidays as there are only 40 services per week. The average bus ride is four and a half hours, with the shortest just over three hours.

  • Cost: $ 47 off season
  • First bus of the day: 6:43 a.m.
  • Last bus of the day: 9:43 p.m.

Driving from Milan to Ticino

Driving from the city of Milan is the fastest option that does not involve public transport. The trip can be completed in an hour and 35 minutes and will take visitors through some of the best sights between the two countries.

Jon on Unsplash

However, it is also the most complicated because driving through Milan can be a very foreign business for tourists. In addition, Italy requires specific passes for driving on automobile roads, which should be discussed with the rental company.

What to know when in Ticino

Once in Ticino, travelers will be happy to know that navigating the region is very easy thanks to public transport. Even for those who have hired a car in Milan, it is worth returning the car to Ticino just to enjoy the ease of bus and train travel in Switzerland. The pace at which trains come and go is frequent and timetables with Ticino are very easy to follow, for a virtually stress-free holiday. Many train lines go directly to tourist attractions and popular viewpoints, cutting the work a traveler has to do at least in half.

Buses are another great option in Ticino, but they run less frequently than trains, so they can be used as a secondary means of transport. Customers staying in hotels, hostels and campsites receive free Ticino tickets, which are good for unlimited use of all mainline trains. In addition, these tickets reduce fares on buses and boats, as well as discounts for popular attractions. These tickets will only be given to those who have rented rooms or campsites and do not apply to homes or other types of vacation rentals.

Rail passes are a great thing to keep even if travelers don’t plan to stay in Ticino all the time, and can be applied to other attractions as well. Those traveling by car will also be happy to know that most things are just as easily accessible by car; it may be worth taking the train or bus from Milan and then renting a car once you arrive in Canton Ticino or another town in the Ticino region.

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