One year after Frances Haugen’s Facebook leak, all corporate secrets are now at your fingertips — The Information

When Frances Haugen sought refuge in the past year of personal attacks, speaking engagements, and congressional and parliamentary hearings, she found it beside a placid blue lagoon in Puerto Rico. She shares a home in Miramar – “the Brooklyn of San Juan”, she said – with her new husband, Alex, whom she prefers, for now, to keep secret.

Haugen and Alex moved there last fall, choosing a spot near Escambrón Beach, where they snorkeled with sea turtles on their first date. They tied the knot nearby, in a small ceremony earlier this year, Haugen holding a large bouquet of sunflowers and wearing a beloved pair of black Converse sneakers. From the living room of their apartment, large windows face the water. “It’s wonderful,” Haugen told me. “When we look you can see the paddleboarders. And you can’t be stressed watching the paddleboarders. They are so quiet.

The scene offers a momentary balm to Haugen. This is where she finds some normality and perspective after a year in which she completely turned her life upside down while disrupting an entire industry by leaking thousands of pages of internal Facebook documents – a bombshell that has without doubt makes her the most important whistleblower in the history of technology.

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