Op-ed: NYC Airbnb restrictions will hurt hosts, neighborhoods tourists don’t typically visit

Bring new visitors

While my guests certainly benefit from staying in my home, my neighborhood in Harlem benefits even more. My short-term rental brings an influx of visitors who otherwise might never have ventured beyond 42nd Street. After all, hotels in this beautiful historic district are rare.

I happily recommend local shops and restaurants to my guests, which helps support our neighborhood economy by bringing income to local businesses. Everyone benefits!

Short-term rentals like mine are one of the only things that allow tourists to experience Harlem’s unique cuisine, culture, and history. If it weren’t for short-term rentals, visitors – and their money – would otherwise stay downtown, where most of the city’s well-known tourist attractions and hotels are located.

The city’s proposed short-term rental rules will hurt Harlem and many other neighborhoods and boroughs where tourists rarely visit. My neighborhood has so much to offer, and it would be a shame if fewer people could experience it just because there is no place to stay.

I understand that there is an affordable housing crisis. But those who blame short-term rentals are wrong.

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