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Since Blanche DuBois went for the Kowalskis, and perhaps even since the Civil War, Louisiana has been wondering how it fits in with the rest of the American South.

Tennessee Williams’ classic “A Streetcar Named Desire” is about a lot of things, including the differences and similarities between DuBois’ Belle Reve and Stanley Kowalski’s New Orleans.

Today, the Washington Post offers a new way to calculate how Louisiana ranks in the south compared to its Sunbelt neighbors.

The Post’s data reporters studied the Airbnb listing landscape and researched terms that would only be used to describe properties in the South, like “Southern Charm” or “Southern Hospitality.”

This may not sound very scientific, but it goes beyond how the US Census Bureau defines the South, since the agency includes Delaware in our region.

Based on their criteria, Post detectives decided that Mississippi was the southernmost state. More than 5% of its Airbnb listings included the targeted terms. Alabama finished second, followed by South Carolina and Georgia.

Louisiana finished fifth, just over 3%, though our state’s ranking may have slipped because Airbnb listings are reportedly skewed towards New Orleans, where landlords may not consider those terms as arguments. of sale.

Still, we beat Tennessee and the rest of Dixie. Texas and Florida came in below 1%. It’s probably the result of Yankee immigration.

Scoring states by how southern they are, based on short-term rental sellers, perhaps solves a non-existent problem. But it’s fun to watch.

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