“Our wonderful and precious NHS saved my life after a sudden health crisis” – Paul Routledge

Paul Routledge suffered a medical condition two weeks ago and was rushed to hospital, where he underwent immediate 10-hour heart surgery overnight. He is now on the mend

Paul Routledge had a health problem two weeks ago

Isn’t our National Health Service just wonderful?

I owe my life to the fantastic Dr Papaspyros and his brilliant surgical team at Leeds General Infirmary.

Medical emergencies can seize you without warning, and your fate is in the good hands of others.

This happened to me a fortnight ago today while I was on the housing estate.

I suffered from the most devastating chest pains called Lynne to come to my rescue.

She drove me straight to the doctor’s office where they called an ambulance.

I went to Bradford Royal Infirmary for a scan then, after looking into what was wrong, to Leeds with flashing blue lights.

Members of the emergency services and Leeds General Infirmary staff take part in a national NHS celebration outside Leeds Hospital on July 5, 2020


AFP via Getty Images)

I’ll spare you the details now, but without an immediate 10-hour nighttime heart operation by Dr. Papaspyros and his team, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now. Released from hospital and back home after periods of intensive care and a high dependency unit, I hope I am now on the mend.

It’s a very slow healing process and the trauma impacts every part of your body, including vision, taste and smell. Nothing is the same.

Lynne is fantastic and I am so grateful for my wife’s care and love.

I hope to recover and at the moment I am reasonably optimistic that I will be able to start writing for you on a regular basis again later this year. After all, I’m only 78.

Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Oh, and keep fighting for the NHS.

Many of us, including me, owe our lives to our most precious public service.

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