Outfront Media takes the social and OOH combo to the next level with revamped core offering

The math is simple for a full-service outdoor media company Forward-thinking media: Social plus out-of-home equals social out-of-home.

Marketing Director Jodi Senese told Adweek that the OOH industry has seen a digital evolution over the past decade, adding, “Many assets have gone digital, with live tables that look like giant iPads on the walls. This has created many opportunities for OOH brands and businesses, through interactivity with QR codes and other ways for consumers to interact.

Outfront is bringing what it calls sOOH capabilities to its Outfront Prime offering, which includes a portfolio of premium billboard and wall locations in more than 250 high-impact locations across the United States, in cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC

Max Siegelman, head of cultural relevance at the agency, told Adweek, “Our assets are at the center of culture.”

The company touted combining social media and influencer activations with OOH campaigns, citing Comscore research found that OOH campaigns drive seven times more social posts per ad dollar, six times more social searches, 5.3 times more online purchases, and five times more website visits than any other medium measured , and campaigns combining OOH and social drive up to 10 times the reach of other media measured.

“We’re starting to see a reversal in how that’s happening,” Senese told Adweek. “In the beginning, a celebrity, icon or influencer would take a selfie in front of an asset, leading to social amplification. Now, social media-focused brands that live on social media are turning to OOH to put a stake in the ground in a real-life display. It’s a two-way street: OOH to social, social to OOH.

Outfront also offers influencer marketing support, including consulting, social listening and, through a partnership with influencer marketing platform Tagger, identifying influencers to work on campaigns.

“Smaller brands and direct-to-consumer brands are looking at OOH as a starting point rather than using social media as a starting point,” Siegelman told Adweek. “It leads to social content for them.”

The hashtag #outfrontprime has been added to the rebranding of Outfront Prime locations to publicize the new sOOH capabilities.

Brands that have launched or are developing new campaigns using sOOH capabilities include Elf cosmetic, HBO Max and red).

elf Cosmetics has partnered with Outfront to showcase underrepresented women and non-binary alternative designers with a focus on its elfYou’s Twitch channel on the big screen in front of Madison Square Garden in New York.

HBO Max is set to air the second season of Gossip Girl Thursday (December 1) and Kristen Bellthe series’ iconic narrator, can be heard in announcements on New York’s subway platforms, including Grand Central and 86th Street.

HBO Max/Outfront Media

An example of one of the announcements: “Greetings subscribers, Gossip Girl here. They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but don’t forget that neither do I. Dig up the dirt with me from your favorite Constance Billard socialites and catch the Season 2 premiere of Gossip Girl this Thursday, only on HBO Max. You know you love me, xoxo.

Additionally, as part of the campaign, influencers will visit stations and share their experiences with their social followers.

And (Red), an organization that fights AIDS and the injustices that allow pandemics to thrive, has partnered with Outfront on a free holiday campaign bringing festive humor to major Outfront Prime locations in Los Angeles and New York, while simultaneously working with leading TikTok creators to amplify creativity and messaging.

Other well-known brands that have participated in Outfront Prime campaigns include Adidas, Airbnb, Amazon, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dollar Shave Club, Gucci, Hulu, netflix and Uber eats.

The agency cited a Harris Poll finding that one in three Gen Z or Millennials have searched for a brand on social media after seeing an OOH ad, while recall of OOH campaigns gets a 67% increase from these age groups .

And Benchmarketing found that 91% of people in those age brackets shared a photo of an OOH ad on at least one social platform.

“Outfront Prime is already becoming a go-to media choice for the brands that shape our culture – for advertisers who want to start conversations and see their campaigns effectively transcend the real world into digital,” Senese said in a statement. “By leveraging the social power of our Prime assets, we’re able to bring something that happened organically and validated by data to social-first brands and help them find exponential value. by combining OOH and social in a single marketing strategy.”

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