Outrage as Airbnb host charges £60 a night to stay in a TENT on concrete in his back garden

TOURISTS looking to spend a night in the city of Dublin have discovered what may well be the worst Airbnb listing ever.

For £60 a night, anyone visiting the magnificent city can sleep their eyes in a pop-up tent in someone’s garden.


One of the worst Airbnb listings of all time has been found. Travelers were amazed after finding a pop-up tent in a concrete yard at the siteCredit: Twitter

But even those who enjoy spending a night under the stars will likely be reluctant to spend their hard-earned cash on the experience.

This is because the tent was pitched on concrete rather than grass – promising the unlucky visitor a very uncomfortable evening.

At first we thought the listing was a joke. Property prices in the Irish capital are exorbitant, leading some to guess that the tent was a very on-the-nose satire.

However, there was horror after the ad was revealed to be real.

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A screenshot has now gone viral on Twitter after it was shared by housing activist Ciaran, who runs the Crazy House Prices page.

“I was sent this one loaded, assuming it was a **** plug,” he said.

“Apparently not.”

After appearing on social media, the nightly price of the tent has been reduced to just under £50 per night.

The person responsible for the listing has now removed it from the Airbnb website after being approached by activist Aimee.

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She emailed the host to check if the option was real – and he replied, “Hi Aimee.

“This is not a joke.

“However, maybe you prefer a comfortable sofa in the living room.

“I have a very large living room for that and several couches. And that’s listed as well.”

A shocked Twitter user said: “What will be the catalyst to solve this crisis?”

He said advertising “a tent on a concrete patio” as a “private room” is a “sad reflection on someone’s moral compass”.

“This tent should be rented – then burned down,” another wrote.

In 2020, a group of friends intentionally created the most miserable Airbnb experience on the site — and still got bookings.

YouTubers Rhys Simmons, Jamie Kamaz and Hitchin have set up a mattress and bedside table – complete with lamp and two glasses of water – in the middle of a field in north London.

To their surprise, they received a remarkable amount of interest when listing the ‘property’ on Airbnb and, had they taken the punters’ money, they would have made a profit.

When contacted, the host said the listing was no joke - and instead offered canapes in the living room.


When contacted, the host said the listing was no joke – and instead offered canapes in the living room.Credit: Alamy

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