Owners can claim an NFT of their property!

Apparently there is something about renting a property that makes it hard not to be a greasy pile of manure… And I would really love to know what exactly that is and help fix the problem.

Decent landlords are rare as chickens teeth, and as much as I need a place to live… Posts like the ones checked in this collection don’t do much to get me on their side.

Look at this? It’s the kind of thing you type when you’re an asshole. Don’t be an asshole. Right now is a particularly horrible time for that. YES, even if you managed to own several achievements
properties for years and not having anything in terms of savings in a way.

A particular example of Buttness? Buttery? comes from a source closer to this author, and while it’s not exactly tying widows to railroad tracks, it’s still pretty crude. You know how with free services like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, since no one pays up front, the user suffers from ads that are barely verified or timed correctly?

Well imagine that… But with the place you rent.

Basically, my source has received emails they haven’t signed up for from companies that are very “close” to the people they’re hiring from.

“I started getting emails from this company…about an optional service they sell where you can pay monthly to have your packages in the lockers on site. It was next to property management so I expected that and didn’t complain.

Then I start getting emails from [redacted] which is a cool feature that you can Google, but I haven’t given permission. But it’s next to what I expected, so no problem.

Then I start getting emails from [equally redacted, what do they take me for…] which is another nice feature, but not the one I allowed to contact me.

So yes, Sourcey doesn’t just pay rent, they’re sold. And it’s not just morally screwed up… It’s officially a legal matter.

See, according to CAN-SPAM Actit is not illegal to buy and sell mailing lists. However, it IS illegal to allow mass emailing without the express consent of the recipients. Therefore, if there is any part of Sourcey’s lease that says “Do you agree to allow our affiliates to market to you”, and also an option to say “Absolutely not”, the management company that owns this building is doing BIG TIME.

It’s a really easy law not to mess with, but unscrupulous owners and management companies can’t seem to help themselves? Somehow, despite deals with ISPs, deals with appliance companies, and deals with whatever demon rules those who don’t fix the plumbing, the profits made by the tenants are still not enough. Clearly these people need help, so I’m going to help out with a little tip for homeowners.

Do not do that.

Now go fix something.

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