Owners can rent their pools by the hour or by the day in Connecticut

“Think Airbnb, but for swimming pools” – that’s how a company called Swimply describes itself. This is one of the platforms popping up and connecting potential pool renters with pool owners who have uploaded their swimming spots for customers to rent this summer.

Pool sharing sites like Swimply and newly launched Bathing allow customers to reserve pools in the area of ​​their choice and charge an hourly or daily fee for pool use.

In 2020, Swimply experienced a spike in pool bookings. Asher Weinberger, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Swimply, said Vox.com last year that the app saw a 1,200% increase in bookings nationwide between February and March 2020.

With an average cost of $45 per hour depending on pool size, some Connecticut homeowners have been offering their pools on the app since last summer. Five swimming pools were listed in Connecticut starting June 14 with prices ranging from $38 per hour to $90 per hour in the cities of Newington, Trumbull, Orange, New Fairfield and Waterbury. On Swimmy, there is currently one pool listed in Connecticut: a heated pool with barbecue area listed in Bethel at $65 per hour or $500 for eight hours.

But other registrations are coming.

Weinberger told Hearst Connecticut via email that there are “about 100 more that will be onboarded in the coming weeks in time for the season” who charge an average of $50 an hour. Each listing details the maximum number of guests allowed per pool, on-site amenities (such as bathrooms, seating, and grill availability), rules, and pool size. Pool owners have the option of charging more for weekend use, as well as adding an additional cost per guest over a number of visitors. Owners of local pools can apply online to host their spaces – although local experts advise weighing liability risks beforehand.

Loretta Worters, Vice President of Media Relations for the Insurance Information Instituteadvises owners considering renting out their pool this summer to contact their personal insurance before doing so.

“You should contact your home insurer to let them know what you plan to do,” she said. “They can come up with a trading pool policy. The specific cost you will pay for commercial pool insurance will vary depending on the nature of your business, your claims history and many other factors.

Pictured: image of a swimming pool on a summer day. Pool-sharing platforms like Swimply and Swimmy operate like Airbnb, connecting guests with hosts who offer their pools for rent. Swimply and Swimmy charge customers an hourly rate to book a pool, and customers can book a pool for a few hours or for an entire day.

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French society Bathing launched in the United States in May, according to Camille Passi, business developer at Swimmy. The platform has 125,000 registered users in Europe and the United States combined.

“The rate depends on the host, but the average pool rate would most likely be $25/person,” she said, nothing the company expects guests outside of Connecticut to rent. pools in the state and vice versa.

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