Owning a house is a pipe dream for many

Homeownership is a ‘pipe dream’ for him and the younger generation of Aberystwyth, said a former town mayor, as city council backed calls to ‘solve the second home problem’.

A group of Welsh councils, including Ceredigion, are proposing to unite to resolve what has been called a ‘crisis’ in second homes and holiday homes, causing a bloated market, especially after the pandemic.

Asked to lend his support at a meeting on Monday, Cllr Charlie Kingsbury – who served as the town’s mayor last year – called the current situation a “significant intergenerational injustice”.

“Homeownership for me and for many of my generation is a pipe dream,” he told members.

“That for most of the year there will be so many empty houses that some people cannot afford to buy a house where they grew up just seems unfair.

Cllr Dylan Wilson-Lewis said the pandemic has exacerbated the problem, with “prices now rising in all coastal areas” as people move out of more urban areas for more space.

Cllr Mair Benjamin said “we are seeing more and more homes and homes becoming Airbnb and vacation rentals.”

“There is even an Airbnb in Maes yr Afon, and I never thought I would see it,” she said.

“I’m sorry for Charlie [Kingsbury] and young people.

Cllr Lucy Huws said second home ownership in the city was a big deal and asked why so many homes were being sold to people who live outside Ceredigion.

“Most of them are sold out of the county and there are real moral issues,” she said.

Councilors unanimously backed a plan to join other town, community and county councils in the coastal areas of Wales in writing to the Welsh government calling for something to be done on the issue.

Earlier this month, the Welsh government unveiled its new ‘three-pronged approach’ to tackle the problem, focusing on the affordability and availability of housing; a new regulatory framework and system; and a fairer contribution by using national and local tax systems to “ensure that owners of second homes make a fair and effective contribution to the communities in which they shop”.

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