Oxfordshire property includes swimming pool, spa and gym

An incredible property in Oxfordshire includes a swimming pool, spa and gym, among many other amazing facilities.

The Malt House is a 900 year old Grade II listed property in Long Hanborough, nestled between Witney and Woodstock.

Set amongst two acres of land, with outbuildings, The Malt House is surrounded by Oxfordshire countryside and is behind a secure entrance.

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Image: AirBnB

The AirBnB is available to rent for £1,371 per night.

If you’re lucky enough to have the money to say at The Malt House, you can enjoy its manicured gardens, large heated outdoor pool and hot tub, which is adjacent to a resort of separate spa, consisting of sauna, steam room, double shower and toilet.

If that wasn’t enough, the house also includes a games room, pool table and separate gym.

Witney Gazette: Photo: AirBnBImage: AirBnB

Property reviews speak for themselves, with guests praising the facilities, location, and atmosphere.

A guest, Catherine, said: “We had a great time during February mid-term at The Malt House. It’s like your own compound. Huge house, fires, comfy beds. Plus a games room, gym and lovely gardens.

Witney Gazette: Photo: AirBnBImage: AirBnB

“But the highlight, and where we spent most of our time, was the perfectly heated pool. Outdoor swimming in England in February is a treat. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, there was also a hot tub, steam room and sauna to warm you up if needed.”

“Great location, very easy to find and has a train station a five minute drive away. All in all very welcoming, a fantastic home for all seasons and we will definitely be back,” she added.

Witney Gazette: Photo: AirBnBImage: AirBnB

Another guest, Paul, has visited the property three times already and praised the relaxing time he spent there.

He said: ‘Very spacious and well equipped kitchen, where we always hang out cooking and socializing.

Witney Gazette: Photo: AirBnBImage: AirBnB

“Great outdoor areas and facilities and easy access to nearby Oxford.”

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