Oxfordshire yurt includes a hot tub AND a herd of alpacas

If you fancy getting back to nature, this yurt with its own herd of alpacas will feel like you’re living the rustic dream.

The luxurious 6m yurt is located in Waterperry and has lovely views of the local countryside.

If you choose to stay in the AirBnB, you will have exclusive use of a hot tub, fire pit, composting toilet, shower, and fully equipped kitchen.

Oxford Mail: The Path to the Yurt.  Image: AirBnBThe path to the yurt. Image: AirBnB

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The only neighbors likely to meet will be the owner’s alpacas or their neighbor’s calves.

You can walk through the fields to the pub or stay home, barbecue and enjoy the hot tub.

Waterperry Gardens is just up the road which hosts events throughout the summer.


Oxford Mail: The property's hot tub.  Image: AirBnBThe property’s hot tub. Image: AirBnB

The yurt is located in a secluded corner of the owner’s alpaca farm, away from his home and overlooking the fields towards Brill.

The private facilities are right next to the yurt, which means you don’t have to put on your shoes to get in the hot tub or go to the bathroom.

Oxford Mail: The room that comes with alpaca bedding Photo: AirBnBThe bedroom that comes with alpaca bedding Photo: AirBnB

Inside there is an extendable dining table, a small TV/DVD player and alpaca bedding, to ensure a good night’s sleep.

If the evenings are getting chilly, turn on the fireplace or woodstove or jump into bed and turn on the heated sheet.

Other things to note

Oxford Mail: the alpacas you can meet.  Image: AirBnBAlpacas you may encounter. Image: AirBnB

The roof of the yurt has a transparent center, which allows you to watch the stars at night.

However, it is light in the morning when the sun rises.

The owners point out that the local cows can “make a bit of a racket” early in the morning.

But they stress, it’s a real “back to nature” stay.

You can book the yurt here: airbnb.co.uk/rooms/48497707

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