Panama City, Florida – Neighbors eagerly await motel renovations after murder

Panama, Florida –

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – Neighbors at the Bahama Beach Motel have said the most popular crime in the resort is drug use and dealing.

On Tuesday night, Hunter Howard Smith, 32, allegedly sold narcotics to a man at the Bahama Beach Motel and ended in a shootout in which police said the victim was buying drugs.

“Drugs and guns never mix. You know, they always end up in a tragedy, it seems, ”Panama City Beach Police Chief JR Talamantez said.

In the past two years, there had been almost 100 police calls regarding the motel.

“We know there are drugs there. We know there are drugs that come into this beach every day that we try to fight and we try to fight, but it’s not just a law enforcement problem, ”Talamantez said.

“The problem across the street is that the customers are not very respectful. And so it’s going to keep dropping values ​​until something is done about it, ”said neighbor Scott Harbolt.

According to neighbors, the motel was purchased from the previous owner within the past month. They said he was working to move the current tenants to try and start over.

“He painted it and I think he’s put a lot in it and he’s trying to make it better, which is a good thing, so I think he’s trying,” Harbolt said.

Neighbors said they heard about all kinds of future plans for the motel.

“I first heard that they were going to be row houses and that they were going to fall asleep. On one side they would doze off and then keep corridors for the workers to renovate. Then I heard it would be an Airbnb, ”Harbolt said.

It’s unclear what changes will actually happen here, but neighbors and police have said they hope this area becomes a much safer place with the improvements.

Neighbors eagerly awaiting motel renovations after the murder Source link Neighbors eagerly awaiting motel renovations after the murder

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