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Paris court fined Airbnb, the popular market for vacation rentals. According to the court, the tech company did not follow local regulations when it comes to listing your apartment on the platform. Airbnb is expected to pay $ 9.6 million (€ 8.08 million) to the city of Paris.

This decision went on for years. Like many large cities around the world, Airbnb has had some impact on the housing market in Paris. Many apartments have disappeared from the housing market by becoming full-time Airbnb apartments, resulting in high rents.

In 2017, it became a bit more difficult to list your home on Airbnb if you live in Paris. For example, you cannot rent an apartment for more than 120 nights per year. That way, landlords would think twice before moving from full-time renters to Airbnb customers.

The seasonal rental platforms being multiple, the city of Paris has set up a registration system. If you want to list your apartment on Airbnb, you must first obtain a registration number. Platforms like Airbnb should ask for this registration number and cap listings at 120 nights per year.

Initially, the town hall reported around 1,000 apartments that were not properly registered. They sent the list to Airbnb, asking the company to remove those ads.

In 2019, the city of Paris sued Airbnb for the same reason. Thanks to some regulatory changes, the responsibility has been shared between the hosts and the platform. And that leads us to today’s fine.

“This is the first time in France that a local authority has won a lawsuit against a technology giant,” said deputy mayor of Paris Ian Brossat. A declaration. “The platforms are finally empowered. A great victory for the Parisians.

Airbnb Recount AFP that 95% of registrations in Paris were booked for less than 120 nights in the past year. This means that this last 5% of registrations represents well over 5% of overnight stays.

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