Patrick Maddren Scholarship and Patrick Henry Maddren Scholarship Help Students Receive Financial Aid Across the United States

Both scholarships were founded by Patrick Henry Maddren, a professional in the financial industry keen to help students continue their education.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, USA, Aug 12, 2021 / – The Patrick Maddren and Patrick Henry Maddren Scholarship Committees are pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications from students in need of financial assistance to continue their studies. study at an accredited college or university.

Today, many students work tirelessly to excel academically, but still worry about how they will be able to afford college. The Patrick Henry Maddren Scholarship is the result of a commitment to help dedicated students by alleviating some of the financial burden associated with college.

Likewise, the Patrick Maddren Scholarship is an exceptional opportunity for students seeking financial assistance to complete their college education, develop leadership qualities and build professional networks. Guided by the fact that the costs of higher education in the United States are out of reach for many students from low-income families, Patrick Henry Maddren instituted these scholarships for students determined to achieve their educational and professional aspirations.

“The Patrick Maddren Scholarship and the Patrick Henry Maddren Scholarship each award a scholarship to 2 students each year,” said a spokesperson for the committees. “The most recent Patrick Maddren scholarship recipients are Alexis Freeman from the University of the Pacific in Hawaii and Uyioghosa ‘James’ Ebomoyi from DePaul University. The most recent Patrick Henry Maddren scholarship recipients are Amelio Lo from Harvard College and Moira Dinkins from Boston College.

Basically, both awards are given to students who demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence. To be eligible, students must be a US-based student with a good academic record and who also demonstrates leadership qualities inside and outside of the school.

To apply for Mr. Maddren’s scholarships, please visit and by December 15, 2021.

About Patrick Henry Maddren

Patrick Henry Maddren is an entrepreneur with a vision: he wants to help students achieve their academic goals and realize their career aspirations. Mr. Maddren is married with two children and plays an active role in his community. He is the founder of the Patrick Henry Maddren Scholarship and the Patrick Maddren Scholarship, two programs that aim to provide financial assistance to high school and college students in need of financial assistance. Patrick Maddren firmly believes that everyone should have equal opportunities and access to education, and he hopes that through his scholarship programs he can help students lead productive lives and achieve the highest standard of possible success.

Patrick Maddren started his career in the financial industry in 2003. Having successfully obtained his first of many professional licenses and secured a position with a nationally recognized company, Mr. Maddren excelled and quickly rose through the ranks. ranks on Wall Street, eventually being named CEO, where he led more than 25 Certified Sales Representatives and built one of the most revenue-generating offices in the company.

Always a supporter of education, Patrick honed and honed his skills to ensure he was always able to bring maximum value to any role he held. Having acquired an extensive knowledge of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) mechanics, Mr. Maddren has been involved in several pre-IPO transactions including Twitter, Square, MongoDB, Pinterest, Wish, Palantir Technologies and Airbnb.

Drawing on his large international client base and 18 years of experience, Patrick achieved his career goal and co-founded private equity fund, GoldStreet Holdings Limited Partnership, in 2020.

Patrick Henry Maddren
Patrick Henry Maddren scholarship
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