Paulina Porizkova reaches settlement with Ric Ocasek’s estate

Paulina Porizkova says she came to a settlement with her husband Ric Ocasek’s estate two years after his death.

In Sunday’s episode of Los Angeles Magazine Podcast The originals, the 56-year-old model confirmed she knew exactly how much she owed, but declined to reveal how much she would receive after being removed from the will of the singer of Cars.

Porizkova also shut down reports that Ocasek was only worth US $ 5 million (approximately $ 6.7 million) when she died in September 2019.

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Paulina Porizkova made an agreement with the estate of her husband Ric Ocasek. (Getty Images for The Rock and Ro)

“You know, they’re bulls – t. Just like that,” Porizkova told Andrew Goldman in Sunday’s episode.

“Yeah, that was… At the very beginning, they just had to put a number down,” she said when Goldman asked if the seemingly low number was “for tax purposes”.

“They just deposited a small sum, so it doesn’t look like maybe he was withholding a lot of money from me? I don’t know. I’m not sure,” Porizkova added.

Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek
Model and actress Paulina Porizkova with her husband, singer Ric Ocasek, circa 1990 (Getty)

“I know exactly how much I owe under New York law, how much is owed to me. And I get it. The estate settles with me.”

The model then declined to reveal how much money she would get from the settlement, saying, “I can’t tell you, [but] It’ll be OK. It’ll be OK. I moved in last week. “

“There you go. I settled in last week with the estate. They were very fair. They gave me what is mine under New York State law, and we are done,” a she concluded.

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Porizkova and Ocasek were separated at the time of her death on September 15, 2019, but they were not legally divorced and were still living together. They announced their separation in May 2018 after 28 years of marriage. They share two sons, Jonathan, 27, and Oliver, 23.

Porizkova and Ocasek were separated at the time of her death on September 15, 2019 (Getty)

The day after Ocasek died, the model learned that she had been excluded from her will. According to documents obtained by Sixth page, the musician wrote a will ordering Porizkova not to receive any of his property or money, claiming that the model had “abandoned” him in the middle of their divorce proceedings and before his death.

Porizkova has been very open on social media about her bereavement, sharing an article on “betrayal” next to a photo of her in tears on Instagram.

“I know you all love the happy messages, seeing people get up, dust their pants off and get back on the horse, all smiles to let you know that this fall has made them stronger and better,” she said. begin.

“But. Every day is not a happy day on the road to recovery. Confidence after being betrayed seems as far-fetched as being thrown into space. Correction. It’s easier to see myself thrown into space. space right now. “

“When you were betrayed – promised something, to have that promise broken without your participation – you were taken aback. You trusted someone you loved, and now all love is suspect.”

A week later, she shared another selfie, writing, “I still love her,” before apparently addressing her ex’s decision to leave her out of his control.

“Her betrayal is just one of many in my life, and I try to forgive everything,” she added.

“Sometimes I just have a hard time moving forward emotionally when I feel like I’m not worthy of love. And it’s a confluence of events from the past, of which my husband is only a part, not the only author. I am I don’t blame him for how I feel today. I try not to blame anyone. Everyone does what they can, and everyone is the hero of their own story. “

“Also, please understand that for many days I am filled with gratitude and hope and feel strong and then I can slip into a few weeks of misery,” she said. . “I know this is all absolutely normal. That’s why I’m sharing it. This is real life. This is my real me.”

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