People rent out their pools through an Airbnb-style app. Here is what you can get around DC.

To swim— Essentially an Airbnb for swimming pools — allows people to rent an oasis in the backyard by the hour. The app and website, which launched in 2018, have apparently seen a growth rate of around 2,000% during this pandemic summer as people search for isolated outdoor escapes, reports a recent CNBC article.

It makes sense: People may have had to cancel their vacations, no longer have access to public pools, or just go crazy in their homes and seek an escape. Swimply allows guests to book by the hour, providing a description of the pool and available amenities, as well as the maximum number of guests the owner will allow.

Fortunately for the confined DC apartments, several Swimply pools are available for rent in the Washington area. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites:

If you want to organize a meeting (socially distant):

This Gainesville pool sits on a one acre backyard with access to pool toys, bouncy castle water park, cabana, outdoor seating and dining areas, fire pit and grill. The rate is $ 60 per hour, with a maximum of 40 people allowed.

If you want to swim a few lengths:

This McLean swim pool is for someone who wants to exercise, not hang out and relax all day. The $ 45 pool only allows one person to swim at a time and limits the total number of guests to four. Glasses are compulsory!

If you want to feel famous:

This Silver Spring pool was featured in a CNBC segment on Swimply, so if you praise it, you’re essentially a celebrity. For $ 100 per hour, you will have access to the pool, outdoor barbecues, outdoor seating and dining areas, tiki torches and pool floats. Babies are not allowed, but children are and the maximum number of guests is 25.

If you want several activities:

This pool at Fairfax station includes an outdoor seating area and fireplace, barbecue, tennis court and basketball court. It’s $ 45 an hour to rent, and the maximum number of guests is 15.

If you want to swim with the King:

No, really there is a statue of Elvis overlooking this Burke pool. Swimming with the Royalty of the Rocks costs $ 100 an hour and includes access to a hot tub, outdoor patio, fire pit, and grill. The guest list is limited to 15 people, excluding Elvis, of course.

Mimi Montgomery Washington

Associate editor

Mimi Montgomery has joined Washingtonian in 2018. Her work has appeared in Outside Magazine, Washington City Paper, DCist and PoPVille. Originally from North Carolina, she now lives in Petworth.

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