People’s Stories of Vacation from Hell – From Erupting Toilets to Insect Infestations

Sites like Airbnb have revolutionized the way we travel, offering some of the most luxurious accommodations for often a fraction of the price.

But with the good comes the bad, for not all experiences can be perfect, and these stays are far from being.

From host burglary to toilet eruption, people have taken to Reddit to share their worst hosting experiences:

1. Flight host

A guest was terrified after his host snuck into his room at night to see what was up for grabs.

They said, “My host lied about having wifi and a king-size bed.

“Then I was woken up by her who slipped into the apartment in the middle of the night and rummaged in my bag.

“I had to call the police … It was fun.”

2. Erupting toilet

A guest found himself with an emergency on his hands after heavy rain caused his Airbnb’s toilet to erupt.

After calling the host, the guest made sure that this happens sometimes, but it should go away if he flushes the toilet.

However, this was not the case.

He said: “About 15 minutes go by. I suddenly hear a much more aggressive gurgling sound coming from the bathroom floor where the toilet is screwed to the floor.

“I turn off the water faucet in the toilet, but it continues. I throw in towels in an attempt to slow down this cascade of poo and call the airbnb host who says he will be done with it ASAP.

At this point, the shower / tub fills with a dark brown liquid and the toilet water overflows from the bathroom threshold into the hallway.

“Our host arrives with a shopvac and starts using it to clean up the mess with my help while my guests are huddled on the couch in fear, trying to find alternative accommodation.

“I’m standing next to the host with towels when the shopvac lets out that mechanical ratcheting noise which is also accompanied by a stream of raw sewage through the exhaust vent, covering me in trash in aerosol.

“It turns out that this shopvac isn’t really equipped to handle liquids and doesn’t seem to be working now.

“We then run off to my friend’s place, where I take a very long, very hot shower. Not really the airbnb host’s fault, but certainly my worst experience yet.”

Shot of young man and woman and their two young boys being welcomed into guest room by their host. They all wear casual clothes, the luggage is outside a country house.

3. Drugged host

Having to leave early is something no one wants to do, but this group was forced to do it after their host started acting very oddly.

“Woke up at 3 am by loud bang and screaming. Someone yelled the host was ‘rushing and assaulting them, and please call the police’.

“The police came and settled the dispute. We never left our room because of our fear.

“The next day we canceled our stay and checked into a hotel, only to send us a message and ask if we left because the shower was broken …..?

“Uh, no lady, would being woken up by excessive drug use / assault be… lol.” “

4. Cameras

A guest said he had to leave his accommodation when he found what he believed to be cameras.

“We found 2 different hidden cameras with streams going into the wall.

“1 in the bedroom facing the bed / closet. 1 in the bathroom ventilation facing the mirror.

“I cut the cords and took the cameras with me as evidence and reported it to the police.

“They couldn’t / wouldn’t do anything since it was his property, he had the right to record anything.

“They weren’t sure about the legal gray area and gave it an intimidating visit. We no longer use Air bnb and I still check cameras in hotels now.”

5. Dead bugs

This group had a nightmare after traveling to their accommodation. They found the place uninhabitable with a whole series of dead insects.

“We had to go up a steep, winding gravel driveway to the top of a mountain. Once inside, there were bugs everywhere.

“In the beds, the bathroom. It was unpleasant. My friends and I all slept in the living room on the floor, because there were the fewest bugs alive or dead.

“Plus the house had that creepy vibe until dawn that made sleeping so much fun.”

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