Peter Wright warns of 2022 World Darts Championship protocols

“We’ll just be locked into our Airbnb thing.”

Having won the World Championship in 2020, Peter Wright knows that great tournaments are about progressing in every way possible while trying to stay balanced.

The Scot beat Ryan Searle 4-1 in the William Hill World Darts Championship Round of 16 and will face England’s Callan Rydz in the quarter-finals, after the New Year break. his performance, but did enough to pull through and chained the right streaks when they came.

We’ve already seen three top players – Michael van Gerwen, Dave Chisnall and Vincent van der Voort – forced out of the tournament after positive Covid tests following the Christmas break from play. Asked if he fears other games will be affected by the one-day hiatus, Wright spoke about his plans for an isolated New Year.

“We’ll just be locked into our Airbnb thing,” he said of himself and those around him.

“I’m not afraid to catch anything, because there will only be three of us, and we’re not going anywhere. We have our own food there, so we’re not going to catch anything.”

Complying with the rules and restrictions this year is an integral part of playing darts in the shadow of rising Covid cases, but Wright has spoken strongly about how it will affect his future participation in such events.

Scotland’s Peter Wright in action during his last 16 win over Ryan Searle at Alexandra Palace. (Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images)

Peter Wright on the strict Covid restrictions

“If the PDC introduces the rules, next year, that we all have to be in hotels”, Wright said“I will not participate in the tournament.

“I was lucky [this year] in that I put my foot down with Jo and Paul and said, ‘I’m not staying at the hotel. I don’t want to stay at the hotel”.

“Yeah, it’s great when your friends come and everything is clear. You can meet them, and stuff like that, after games. But you have to take care of your career.

“So hopefully next year, Michael [van Gerwen] and vincent [van der Voort] could learn from this and try to find their own accommodation, to have their own separate bubble. Because you have to be like that right now.”

As much as Wright meant well with the separate bubble comments, someone like van Gerwen may not appreciate the implication that he was mingling at the hotel where he was staying. The Dutchman claimed after being forced to step down that he confined himself to his hotel room and ate his meals there.

If Wright can continue his Ally Pally journey by passing Callan Rydz on Saturday and advancing into the final four, there could be more competitors looking for convenient Airbnb accommodation next year.

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