Phoenix Police Crime Lab Recovers First Batch Of Rainbow-Colored Fentanyl

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — We’ve heard a lot about the so-called “rainbow fentanyl,” the brightly colored pills that can turn deadly with minimal contact. But, for the first time, the Phoenix police have him in their crime lab.

Traditional fentanyl looks like a little blue pill. However, the Phoenix Police Department found fentanyl that looks like a multicolored tab. The traditional pill and the new batch both have the same dose, so what’s different?

“So the traditional pill will be a blue pill with an M and a 30 that looks exactly like Percocet. But it’s not Percocet. Every time you take a pill and you put different colors or you make it flicker, it’s to pique the interest in something. There’s definitely not a drug on the market that would have multiple colors or have those multi-colored dusting type colors. It’s to appease a younger audience said Dr. Gary Kirkilas, spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Kirkilas also says children using fentanyl are becoming more common. “We’ve had kids who have used it so much that they have respiratory depression,” Dr. Kirkilas said.

With a new colorful pill hitting the streets, Phoenix police are warning things could get worse before Halloween. “We want people to understand that it might not just be blue pills they come across, but other colors or multiple colors, and we want people to know what it looks like,” said Roger Scheider, the department’s medical examiner.

They encourage parents to step up and take action if they see suspicious candy. “Parents need to be vigilant. They are the first line of defense in looking for something like this,” Scheider said. If you find anything suspicious, call the police.

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