Photos of the week: Airbnb share price soars, UK begins deployment of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, Hanukkah celebrations begin and more

Updated December 12, 2020 at 5:45 p.m. ET

A Biocad plant in St. Petersburg, Russia, where scientists rush to turn small amounts of a Covid-19 vaccine into tens of millions of doses. “Scaling up is a complex process,” said Dmitry Morozov, CEO of Biocad. “What has been effective in the laboratory may not be replicated in large volumes. Russia is struggling to produce the promised doses of its Sputnik V vaccine and is turning to private pharmaceutical companies like Biocad as equipment problems and technical challenges hit year-end manufacturing targets. Read more.

A worker from Imperial Zinc Corp. loads zinc slabs and scrap into a furnace, melts them and pours the molten metal into ingots. “Things are booming,” said Jay Sandler, president of the Chicago-based manufacturer of zinc and aluminum products. Employees work overtime to meet demand, especially from car manufacturers. Investors are betting on industrial metals like copper and nickel, betting coronavirus vaccines and stimulus programs will lead to a boom in manufacturing activity as part of a global economic recovery. Read more.

Wiselet Rouzard is canvassing in Georgia for the conservative group Americans for Prosperity. Georgia’s second-round Senate elections prompted both parties to conduct what they describe as huge voter turnout operations. “Normally people say not to preach to the choir, but on a second round you want to not only preach to the choir, but sing with love to them,” said Tim Phillips, chairman of the conservative group based in Canada. Virginie Americans for Prosperity. Read more.

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