Piaule Catskills is the new retreat New Yorkers are flocking to

Heading to the Hamptons is a summer rite of passage for many New Yorkers, however, the new Piaule Catskills hotel draws city dwellers to the beautiful Hudson Valley.

The modern retreat that overlooks Catskills Mountain has become one of the summer’s most talked-about hotel openings. The roots of this new best design hotel in New York City lie in the search for the perfect towel by Nolan McHugh and Trevor Briggs.

Exterior of Piaule Catskills hotel

(Image credit: Sean Davidson / Piaule Catskills)

The two New York-based designers launched the cult household goods brand Piaule eight years ago, making Japanese waffle cotton towels (which you can now buy at the hotel). The housewares brand has grown since its inception in 2016 to include ceramics, bedding and other items. However, inspired by the couple’s experience of renting their own New York apartment on Airbnb, the idea for Hotel Piaule was born.

Hallway of the Piaule hotel

(Image credit: Sean Davidson / Piaule Catskills)

The Piaule Catskills boutique hotel and spa spans over 50 acres. Nestled amid woodlands and abundant wildlife, the space is a peaceful meeting of modern home ideas and nature. To ensure that the retreat is as peaceful as possible, cars are not allowed beyond the entrance lot.

The property is filled with housewares and details crafted by Nolan and Trevor in partnership with experts. However, the duo insist that the hotel is far from a “habitable showroom.”

Stay cabin Piaule hotel with sofa

(Image credit: Sean Davidson / Piaule)

“The idea was never to create a ‘commercial hotel’ or a ‘livable showroom’, but it was essential for us that no detail of the experience was overlooked. So whenever we felt like we couldn’t find the perfect thing, we would try to make it ourselves or work with an expert, ”the duo told Wallpaper.

“Some of these things, like linens, glassware and ceramics were already Piaule products, but others offered new opportunities to work with local manufacturers and artisans. [like the] bath products [and] furniture. If customers want to buy these items, it’s a win-win for everyone. ‘

yoga studio with gray mat

(Image credit: Sean Davidson / Piaule Catskills)

The retreat is made up of 24 cabins and a main house which houses a restaurant and a wellness center. The interior color scheme echoes the setting with walls clad in untreated white oak and floors in local bluestone.

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