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Photo: Courtesy of Blue Sky News / Pittsburgh International Airport

Boone the PIT Therapy Dog

From sustainable TSA lines to finding the right terminal, to worries about delays or potential cancellations, theft presents a variety of stressors. As of November 2016, certified therapy dogs have been roaming Pittsburgh International Airport as part of the customer service program, and now one particularly good boy is a finalist for an American Humane Hero Dog Award.

Boone, known for his bow tie and infectious smile, is one of the seven finalists of the American hero dog 2021. He, along with the other finalists, will appear on the Hallmark Channel on Wednesday, October 20, when one is named the 2021 American Hero Dog based on the national vote that ended on Tuesday, September 7.

The beagle mix was rescued three and a half years ago by its owner, Tanya Diable, after surviving cruelty as a puppy that resulted in the loss of his hind legs. According to his “About” page on the American site Humane, Boone deserves to win because “every day he inspires those around him to overcome the obstacles that life throws at them”.

In addition to being a calming presence as a member of PIT PAWS, Boone is an ambassador of Joey’s PAW (Prostheses and wheels). The nonprofit provides mobility devices to more than 700 dogs in Pittsburgh and beyond, works to improve outcomes for dogs with mobility issues in shelters, and changes perceptions about them to adoptability.

Boone is also the subject of the children’s book Bow tie Boone, written by Diable and illustrated by New Jersey artist Morgan Spicer. Proceeds from the book, available through Amazon, go to Joey’s PAWS, which Devil started with her husband in 2017. The book won the 15th annual award. National Independent Award of Excellence for Children’s Non-Fiction in May.

Boone’s competitors come from across the country, from Florida to Oklahoma to New Mexico, and they work in a variety of fields. Military dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs, search and rescue dogs, assistance dogs and more are all represented among the finalists.

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