Pittsburgh’s busiest bus stop is temporarily becoming an art exhibit. What you should know: | News | Pittsburgh

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CP photo: Jared Wickerham

The bus stop at Smithfield Street and Sixth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh

The bus stop at the corner of Smithfield Street and Sixth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh is known as a ‘super stop’, with its elongated sidewalk, modern awning, and location next to the authority’s service center. port. It is also the busiest bus stop in all of western Pennsylvania, as several popular bus lines all converge here in the heart of downtown.

And starting Sunday, June 20, the super stop will close to temporarily become an art exhibit by Janel Young of Pittsburgh. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The stop will be closed from Sunday June 20 to Thu June 24.
  • Six Port Authority bus lines will be rerouted: 39-Brookline, 40-Mount Washington, 44-Knoxville, P1-East Busway, P68-Braddock Hills Flyer and P71-Swissvale Flyer.
  • During the art exhibition, detoured bus lines will depart and disembark at the bus stop on Sixth Avenue between the Henry W. Oliver Building and the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.
  • Young’s public art exhibit is titled “RESPECT” and plays with the concept of space and encourages riders to be mindful of their neighbors. The idea was born out of a desire to bring a certain lightness to social distancing protocols.
  • RESPECT is a collaboration of Allegheny County Port Authority, Forecast Public Art and Smart Growth America’s Arts & Transportation Response initiative.
  • Young is also the artist behind the street fresco in the Allegheny Overlook ephemeral park.

In addition, the Port Authority is also lifting its capacity limits on public transport vehicles on June 20. Passengers will still be required to wear masks until further notice. A full list of service changes is available at portauthority.org/serviceupdates.

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