Plane passenger hits back at mom for asking her to give her 7-year-old son her phone to play with

A plane passenger hit back at a mom demanding that she give her 7-year-old son her phone to play with on a flight.

The woman on the Budapest-London flight was shocked when another passenger called her “b *** h mean” when she said no.

The mother was not happy when the passenger refused to let the child, a complete stranger, play games on her phone, the Mirror reports.

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Tensions began to mount as soon as the woman boarded the flight and the mother asked if she would swap seats to allow her seven-year-old son to look out the window.

The woman politely obeyed and settled in for her flight. She started looking at the superhero movie Venom on his phone with his headphones, going about his own business.

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As the woman enjoyed the film, she claims the mother sitting next to her interrupted the screening to ask if the film was suitable for children as her son was watching the stranger’s screen.

The cheeky mother then suggested that the passenger put on something more appropriate or turn it off all together.

The passenger said she was “shocked” by the request and replied, “” Uh, no. I’m still going to watch the movie I chose for my flight, “I replied.

“Now the kid says, ‘Do you have any games I could play? “No, because I’m watching a movie.” ‘Come on, he’s bored’ [the mum] noted.”

The passenger explained that the entertained child was not her responsibility and resumed viewing the film.

In the end, the passenger decided to listen to music on her phone instead.

At this point, the mother sitting next to her mumbled, “You could at least let my kid play a game now, you mean bitch.”

The passenger was tired of being polite and replied, “How about being fucking grateful for letting your kid look out the window the entire flight, ungrateful c ***.”

The two passengers sat side by side in uncomfortable silence until the airplane landed. For a final revenge, the woman sat in her aisle seat and allowed all other passengers to disembark first and made the mother and son wait.

After sharing the story on Reddit, other users praised the woman’s behavior. One of them wrote, “Are you sitting next to my child? You better keep him entertained. This state of mind is so legitimate and disgusting.

Another said, “As a mom. My God, plan better… so much the better for you to hold on!

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