Plum Guide expands its presence worldwide

Homestay Company Plum Guide Expands Presence Worldwide

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 / – Recognized as a world reference in terms of innovative quality vacation booking platform, Plum Guide (, the world’s most recommended homestay company, is expanding its presence worldwide with an increased presence in the United States. A success story since its launch in London in 2016, Plum Guide has attracted $ 57 million in investment and has become the premium alternative to Airbnb.

Ready for the post-pandemic global travel boom expected with this holiday season, Plum Guide offers affluent travelers access to exceptional properties across the United States, such as New York, Los Angeles, Aspen, Miami, Joshua Tree and the Hamptons among their list of 500 destinations around the world, including some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.

According to co-founder and CEO Doron Meyassed, “The restaurants have the Michelin star. The books have the New York Times bestseller list. Vacation homes are now Plum priced. Our mission is to find and reward the best homes in the United States with our trusted brand of quality. He adds, “It’s time to reverse our competitor’s model of letting anyone assess a home. We are taking a powerful new stance on quality control by assigning a team of trained professional reviewers dedicated to unearthing the “truths at home”. Our quality standard is a standard the world can trust.

Plum Guide is more than just a booking platform. It is, in essence, the Michelin guide to home rentals. With standards so high that they literally eliminate millions of the 5,000,000+ vacation homes listed online, only accepting 3% of submitted places to stay. Understanding that the pandemic has postponed travel plans for many, leaving some with a residual sense of travel anxiety, Plum Guide makes booking a stay simple with its highly organized approach to the global selection of vacation homes. Customers can expect excellence; quality is guaranteed regardless of the price.

Plum Guide has a unique model for home conservation unlike their competitors. They use a combination of technology, data and human expertise. The quality control process ends with an on-site visit by a specially trained “Home Critic” and only homes that pass this final test receive the Plum Guide award. The “truths of the home” are revealed on every listing, such as ratings revealing whether the kitchen is indeed fully functional or whether the living room really has enough dedicated space for a family of four. It is this highly organized approach that sets Plum Guide apart. Co-Founder and CEO Doron Meyassed explains, “Not only has each nominated and award-winning house gone through a meticulous verification process, but our comprehensive price verification ensures that our prices are always the best available. Given the rigorous testing before being accepted as a home rental option, only one in 100 passes the 150 different criteria set out by Plum Guide. It’s important to note that these “musts” only include properties located in a desirable neighborhood with three breakfast spots within a five-minute walk. Other ‘musts’ include rooms with plenty of natural light, ample space for socializing, rooms quiet enough for a restful sleep, high-pressure showers, and fast Wi-Fi.

Plum Guide’s origins are personal, rooted in a reserved Meyassed vacation home in Tel Aviv. “I felt like I had won the lottery. I asked myself: ‘Why is it not always like this? Why is booking a house so hit and miss? ‘ Then he realized, “Anytime someone books a vacation, it shouldn’t look like a lottery.” So how do you avoid the bet? A team of architects, travelers, interior designers and psychologists have been brought together to scientifically decode the secret ingredients of a perfect stay. 150 criteria determining everything from shower pressure to Wi-Fi speed, along with design credentials, have become the strict standards allowing the smallest fraction of submitted homes to be accepted as Plum Guide properties.

The Plum Prize is a coveted honor. To obtain it, households must pass all four stages of the Plum Test, successfully meeting 150 criteria, with a personal home visit from an independent Home Critic as the final deciding factor. Leaving nothing to chance, each time a new city or country opens, Plum Guide creates a database of available accommodation which is then systematically reviewed. The multi-step verification process allows travelers to choose from a remarkable selection of the world’s best homes in the United States as well as global destinations such as Paris, Milan and Rome. New locations are constantly added as Plum Guide continues to delight customers with their careful selection of the best homes available from a global catalog.

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