PnB Rock’s Girlfriend Reveals She’s Not Getting ‘Death Benefit’

PnB RockThe slain rapper’s girlfriend has not made any estate planning arrangements before his untimely death at age 30.

Stephanie Sibounheuang took to IG Live on Saturday January 14 to thank those who have supported her fledgling business, Angel Energy, as she navigates life without her partner with whom she shared a two-year-old daughter, Xuri.

Saying she was called by God to fill the vulnerable position, Sibounheuang admitted that although she has a few side businesses, PnB Rock was the main breadwinner in their relationship.

“It’s basically a video of gratitude,” she began. “And I just want to thank everyone who has supported me. It really means a lot to me. And God wanted me to tell you all that since Rock left I haven’t had any help.

She continued, “And let’s be real: you know, he took care of me and my whole family. I always had my own little movement. You know, I have my little Airbnbs and little things like that, but let’s be real, it’s not in abundance. It’s been really hard without any help, without my protector and my provider here. But I just let God use me, I just trust God’s plan.

During the sometimes moving 15-minute video, which she later posted to her main Instagram feed, Stephanie Sibounheuang opened up about the spiritual journey she’s been on recently, revealing that she was able to connect with PnB Rock through prayer. .

She added that thanks to the support of her followers, she was able to continue to care for her family, as she and her partner had done before his death in September last year.

At around 7:40 a.m., the entrepreneur began reading some of the comments made in the live chat and apparently responded to a viewer asking what plans Rock had made for his family, which also includes a 9-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. .

“No, he didn’t have life insurance,” she revealed. “No, he didn’t have a will. No, we didn’t have anything in place. We are so young, we don’t foresee death. “I don’t even get death benefits, I don’t get anything and I won’t ask anyone for anything. I have this personality and I’m working on it.

“I try, you know, to empty myself of my ego and my pride because I’m not going to ask anyone, I don’t care.” she added. “I could be on fire and I won’t even ask you to spit on me.” I try to stop being like that, but God, he made the way, he made the way. I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful for all of you.

Following the death of PnB Rock, Sibounheuang wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram expressing his grief, while revealing that the rapper bravely saved his life during the fatal robbery.

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“I’m not 100% fine,” she wrote. “If I wasn’t spiritual I might kill myself (but then I’ll go to hell and my man not there) My man saved my life, Throwing me under this table. I’m not supposed to be here, but because of him. I am. No one would be able to handle that. TBH, I can’t even handle this.

She went on to detail the moments immediately following the Filming September 12 at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles, explaining that she was briefly detained by police following the incident. As a result, she was unable to accompany PnB Rock to the Los Angeles area hospital where he succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds.

According to the beauty influencer, PnB Rock’s death was preceded by a turning point in their relationship, which left her hopeful for their future as a couple.

“My man had given himself to GOD,” she added. “Did a full 360. He was loyal. He was patient. He was docile and a teacher. I was finally letting go of the past and letting it appear as its changed self.

On December 8, a day before what would have been PnB Rock’s 31st birthday, Stephanie Sibounheuan paid tribute to her slain boyfriend with a new tattoo: the first name of the rapper, Rakim, written in script on his nect.

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