Police arrest mother and boyfriend after toddler dies from blunt trauma

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police arrested a mother and her boyfriend in connection with the death of a child on the north side of Indy; it was ruled a homicide by blunt trauma. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) said Tyree Resnover, 21, and Kira Fear, 19, both face preliminary charges of dependent negligence causing death. Fear is the mother of the child, Dontrell Mcclung, 16 months old. IMPD says two adults left a house in the 6000 block of Primrose Avenue around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and proceeded to nearby Keystone Avenue, where they reported an ambulance team who determined the boy was dead. Homicide detectives have learned that three adults from Marion, Indiana, are spending the night at the Airbnb home. “There was a person from the Indiana area and I think the gentleman who booked through Airbnb through us,” said owner Andrew Stone, who only learned of the murder late Wednesday. -midday. “There were two other people who were in our residence that we did not know and these two other people, I think they are a little younger from what I was told, they had a small child. who was here. ”

Stone said that upon entering the house after forensic investigators had left, he saw no evidence of a crime. “There was definitely a space for the kids,” he said. “There are child remains, which is normal, people take their child to Airbnb or to a hotel so it is not abnormal. There are clothes and everything. Stone said police told him that at least one of the adults may have open arrest warrants. “Whether it’s Indiana or California, we don’t want people like that to be reserved, come to people’s homes and do whatever they want and go,” Stone said. Detectives interviewed the adults on Wednesday and were anticipating another session with the parents on Thursday. Fear and Resnover were incarcerated at the Marion County Jail. On Wednesday evening, members of Fear’s family reacted to the news of her arrest, calling it “crazy” that she was involved in her son’s death. “We love her. We got her back. And we know she would never do anything to her son,” said Patricia Soil, Fear’s stepmother. Soil added that Fear was a “great mother.” who loved her son “more than anything” and would be unable to hurt him. “I know she didn’t. I know it will do all my heart. I know she doesn’t. done, “she said. In an email, Fear’s mother also defended her daughter. He said, in part,” I don’t care what anyone says or what the police say. I’m not gonna believe she did this to him, there’s no way.

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