Police check bars and clubs in Prague, 15% of people have broken COVID-19 rules

About fifteen percent of those checked by police and hygienists on Saturday night in bars and nightclubs in Prague violated anti-epidemic measures, the website of the Prague Hygiene Office reports.

They checked around 170 people, 24 of whom were fined on the spot for a total of CZK 12,000.

Police and hygienists carried out five inspections. “They mainly focused on controlling nightclubs, music and dance clubs in the center of the metropolis,” the hygienists said.

The report says the main rules broken included failing to show evidence of having been tested or vaccinated and not following social distancing rules.

Upon entry, it is necessary to prove that you have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days in advance, submit a negative test, or prove that you have recovered from Coronavirus within the previous 180 days.

The police also found violations concerning the ban on dancing and the violation of social distancing rules.

In some places there was also a lack of disinfectants for customers.

Current rules for restaurants and other culinary establishments:

At each table, only four guests can be seated. A larger number of guests are allowed to sit at a table of 10 or more seats. A spacing of 1.5 meters between groups is mandatory. Wearing respirators is mandatory when you are not eating.

Customers must present either a negative coronavirus test, a vaccination certificate, or a document certifying that they have suffered Covid-19.

In addition, the operator must not allow a number of customers to enter the internal premises of the establishment greater than the number of places available for customers in the internal premises of the establishment; the operator is required to keep a written record of the current number of seats for customers.

Finally, customers must be provided with disinfectant at the entrance.

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