Police stop drug party at Bangkok gay club for second time

A Bangkok gay club that was previously arrested for operating illegally in May has been arrested again after police raided it last night. The great hall of Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21 had generated complaints to the police that people were drinking and taking drugs inside.

Officers from the Child and Women’s Welfare Monitoring Division as well as local officers from Wang Thong Lang were involved in the raid in which 10 men were arrested and taken into custody.

The Great Hall is spread over 2 separate buildings, one over 3 floors and the other over 5 floors, with 50 separate rooms including karaoke, sauna and even a swimming pool.

After police received the drug and alcohol complaints in violation of Covid-19 regulations as well as Thai drug laws, they searched the premises and discovered several controlled and illegal substances.

Police have gathered evidence of crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, as well as Viagra and other aphrodisiacs ingested through the nose. Other drug-related accessories and drug-taking equipment, such as syringes, were also confiscated.

A deputy CWWSD officer confirmed that the same location was raided in May, resulting in the arrest of 57 people. The venue has apparently decided to reopen and continue operations secretly on the assumption that the police would not find them out or arrest them a second time.

Even after being arrested by police and charged with criminal charges, the 63-year-old owner still admitted he was unlicensed to operate such a facility.

Police across Thailand have cracked down on illegally opened bars, clubs and entertainment venues and punished owners, staff and customers.


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