Pool rental website allows people to enjoy privacy and cool off

James Borden, along with his wife, kids and in-laws spent most of the afternoon battling the heat by jumping into the pool. However, it was not his swimming pool.

Borden rented the pool from Joel Haywood to Martinez through Swimply, a website that allows people to rent private pools for events or just for family fun for a few hours. The website is known as Airbnb for Pools.

“My wife came across it on the Internet, via Facebook. We took a look at it and it immediately interested us. I spoke to Joel over the internet via text, he was very welcoming and answered questions very quickly, ”Borden said.

Haywood, the owner of the pool, started listing and advertising his pool on Facebook and via Swimply a few weeks ago and has had great success over the next three weeks. He said they’ve hosted parties for more than 40 people and families like Borden, with the townspeople for Peach Jam being his first guests.

“It’s just absolutely crazy. I’m busier now than I’ve ever been in part because it takes so long to put everything in place, ”said Haywood. “I find people are shocked that it’s even a thing and most people say, ‘Why haven’t I thought of that sort of thing? “”

Joel Haywood's Pool is one of 11 pools listed by Swimply in the Augusta area.  The pool is equipped with several inflatables and other equipment.

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Haywood said he heard about the business while watching ABC’s Shark Tank. The company appeared on the TV show a few years ago and Haywood said he enjoyed watching the show with his wife and they were still doing research to see if the company ended up being successful.

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