Poole man comes across a fruit bat on Bournemouth seafront

A Poole resident found a shark that had washed up on Branksome Chine beach.

Henry Clark came across the meter-long creature at 6.30am this morning as he was about to go for a sea swim off Bournemouth beach.

The 20-year-old said: “Last year I found a stingray that had been stranded, so I keep an eye out for this stuff, but I’ve never seen a shark on the beach before. .

“It was right on the beach, I put it on the rocks to see what it was.

“There was a seagull pecking at him when I saw him.”

Spiny dogfish, also known as dogfish or mud shark, is one of the most common shark species, found in abundance along the northern Atlantic and Pacific coasts. .

Spiny dogfish are gray in color with white markings and are approximately two to four feet long.

Harry added, “I hope he wasn’t hit by a jet ski or something like that because I know they’re rolling pretty close to shore.”

“I know there are sometimes quite a few people fishing off the beach at night, so I hope they haven’t caught and left this fish.

“Before Covid, I was in Africa trying to protect rhinos from poachers, so I have a keen interest in wildlife.

“It’s a bit of a shame if he was killed and left there, but let’s hope it was just a natural death.”

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