Portugal: Madeira and Azores exempt from quarantine but rules apply – FCO update | Travel News | To travel

Portugal has been added to England’s quarantine list, following in the footsteps of Scotland and Wales who removed the destination last week. Other destinations that were also added to the quarantine list were Hungary, French Polynesia and Reunion. However, following the government’s new targeted approach to the quarantine list, Madeira and the Azores remained on the list of travel corridors.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advises against all travel, except essential, to Portugal.

“The autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores are exempt from the FCDO’s opinion against all non-essential international travel,” he added.

“This is based on the current COVID-19 risk assessment.”

While this is great news for Brits looking for a sunny vacation abroad, there is one rule Brits should be aware of.

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Quarantine rules will still be in place if travelers return from the Azores or Madeira via Portugal.

The government said: “You will need to self-isolate if you have visited or made a transit stop in a country or territory that is not on the list of travel lanes within 14 days before you arrive in England.

“This applies to all travel to England, by train, ferry, coach, plane or any other route. “

Those traveling to or from the Azores and Madeira should make sure they take direct flights.

However, the government cites an example where you will have to self-isolate but potentially for less time.

If you are in a country that is not on the list of travel corridors like Portugal and then go to a country that is on the list like Madeira or the Azores and stay there for four days from the day of your arrival, then travel to England, you will have to isolate yourself.

But when you arrive in England, you will only need to isolate yourself for 10 days and not 14, as you are spending four of the 14 days in a country, territory or region that is on the list of travel corridors.

Anyone arriving in the UK from any country, territory and region must prove that they have completed a British Border Passenger Tracking Form.

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