Prague to host benefit concert for victims of South Moravian tornado

On Wednesday, a charity concert for the victims of the tornado in South Moravia, featuring top local artists, will take place in Wenceslas Square in Prague.

Thunderstorms, tennis ball-sized hailstones and a tornado of over 200 kilometers per hour hit the districts of Břeclav and Hodonín in South Moravia.

Moravská Nová Ves, Hrušky, Mikulčice, Lužice and Hodonín are the spots that suffered the most. Some 1,200 homes were damaged and six lives were lost.

The main groups of the Czech music scene also decided to help, performing in Wenceslas Square as part of the Together for Moravia concert on Wednesday July 7 at 8 p.m.

According to the organizer, all profits from the concert will go to Via Foundation, an independent Czech community development and philanthropic foundation that has raised over CZK 204 million to date.

Rybičky 48, Xindl X, Pavel Callta, Klára Vytisková, Slza, O5 & Radeček, Poetics, Juraj Hnilica and James Harries will perform for free.

You can follow the concert live on Youtube, the social networks of certain artists and the national and local media but also in regional television programs, such as Zlín TVS, Strakonické TV, Television South Bohemia, Svitavy CMS TV and others.

The concert is also broadcast by regional Slovak television channels, such as Západoslovenská Televiía, Czech-Slovak regional television, city TV in Trnava and Ružomberok.

“I am impressed that not only the performers, but also everyone who helps organize the concert, from the stage, LED screens, lighting, sound, boxes, aggregates, movable fences and toilets for the accommodation of non-Prague technicians, tents, the Internet service provider and many others participate free of charge. The sole and main goal of the concert is to raise as much money as possible and to help people in affected communities. Thank you all for joining forces for a good and necessary cause ”, declared Robin Suchánek, the organizer of the Together for Moravia concert.

During the concert and its broadcast, people will be able to contribute in different ways: through the web platform and directly on the public account of the Via Foundation n ° 200900222/0800.

People from abroad can also help through this website or directly on the public account of the Via Foundation: 200900222/0800, ie. IBAN: CZ27 0800 0000 0002 0090 0222, BIC code (SWIFT): GIBACZPX

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