PRWeek UK Awards 2021 Winners: Marketing Communications: Travel, Leisure, Lifestyle & Hospitality

Winner – ‘easyJet tackles COVID-19 crisis’, Taylor Herring for easyJet

Children’s masks, schoolyards and home delivery: With Taylor Herring at the helm of public relations, easyJet has gone above and beyond during the pandemic.

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With the aviation industry particularly affected by COVID-19, easyJet has called on the agency to ensure it stays on the public mind for 12 difficult months. To do this required a delicate balance between reassuring nervous passengers and a slight relief in dark times.

As the initial lockdown rules relaxed, Taylor Herring developed a pan-European toolkit showing the company’s extensive security measures, which included an explanatory wellness video and animation footage. For young people, the agency has developed a new line of superhero-inspired mask covers designed by Marvel artists, 30,000 of which have been distributed at airports across Europe, with drawing tutorials also available through the channels. from easyJet.

As news of new blockages dominated the fall season, a partnership was formed with Deliveroo that allowed customers to order a drink or their favorite in-flight snack to be delivered to their homes, served by actual cabin crew in flight gear. . Then the airline wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson offering to help with the coronavirus vaccination program, and staff on leave were trained to administer the vaccines. The company even offered help with home schooling, offering online geography and physics courses, and when school started, female pilots joined classrooms via a video link to encourage more students. girls to aspire to the profession.

All of this activity has helped to bring attention to easyJet as a family brand, spawning over 1,000 coverages in the UK. Online, there was a 300% increase in web traffic and a 64% increase in sales upon relaunch.

The judges said

I remember seeing every part of this campaign. At a time when the potential negativity around the business was so high, this program generated positive sentiment at a difficult time. Very intelligent work.

Highly Recommended – ‘EweTube’, Golin for Premier Inn

“EweTube” encouraged people to change their bad bedtime viewing habits and promoted Premier Inn’s “Rest Easy” brand platform. The EweTube site attracted 120,000 visits by reimagining TV shows with the help of a shepherdess and a sleep expert, resulting in a 66% increase in bookings.


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