Purdue grad leads the charge on the EV phone app

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WPTA21) – In a small apartment complex a few miles from Purdue, a team of graduates are working on an innovative app that they hope will become the ‘Airbnb’ of navigation, activation and payment for recharge electric vehicles.

Dwi Sutander is CEO of AeonCharge.

Despite a degree in chemical engineering, his career path took an unexpected turn, towards entrepreneurship.

“When I moved here to the United States about six years ago, I dreamed of making Indonesia at least as clean as Indiana or Fort Wayne,” he told us, “it’s as well as I got involved in sustainability ”.

Although he now lives in West Lafayette, Sutander began his journey to “the American Dream” in 21Country.

He moved from Jakarta, Indonesia to attend IPFW.

There he met RA Jovian Susanto.

“I saw his name on the little ledger as people were moving,” Susanto explained, “and I thought, this guy? He’s from Indonesia, clearly.

It was a common point they both shared.

“I yelled at him, in Indonesian,” he continued, “he was looking around who it was, and he saw my face, and we connected from there.”

Susanto would open his home in Sutander, and the two lived together for a year before the CEO of AeonCharge continued his education at Purdue.

“This is how we were brought up in Indonesia. If anyone needed help, we would lend them a hand, ”said Susanto,“ for him it was natural progress to want to be challenged and see the next step, and not just improve his skills. life, but improve the lives of those around him. “

Although the auto industry is turning to electric vehicles, it will still take some time for the majority of the population to drive them.

For now, Sutander is hoping his app fixes a basic problem for those who already do.

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