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The government is reportedly “discussing” ways to relax quarantine rules for fully vaccinated arrivals entering the UK from the US and the European Union (EU). This would mean newcomers from these areas, UK citizens and international visitors could avoid 10 days of mandatory self-isolation if they could provide proof of a double bite.

With more and more people receiving the vaccine around the world, a scientist said the latest plans to ease travel rules further are “sensitive.”

Professor Denis Kinane, founding scientist of Cignpost ExpressTest, said: “It would be wise at this stage of the pandemic to relax the quarantine rules for those traveling from Orange List countries.

“People vaccinated here and abroad pose a lower risk to themselves and their families, so allowing them to travel here without quarantine is very justifiable.”

However, Professor Kinane believes testing remains a powerful weapon in the UK’s arsenal.

The latest changes to quarantine rules come at a time when Britons are still subject to 10 days of self-isolation at home if they are screwed up by the government’s track and trace app for being in close proximity to some who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Respondents should self-isolate even if they do not test positive for Covid.

This rule is expected to change from August 16 for those who received both doses of the vaccine 14 days or more previously.

It is not clear whether the relaxed travel rules for the EU and the US will go into effect at the same time.

“It’s about making progress, seeing how effective the vaccines have really been and that’s why at a national level we still want more and more people to get the vaccine,” Coffey said. at Sky News.

“Starting August 16, we anticipate that people in this country who have received a double blow and have had 14 days since their second blow will move into a new phase where they can continue with their everyday lives.

“The reason we go a little longer, the next four weeks after July 19, when we successfully entered the roadmap, is to give time again to allow the effects of the vaccine to be fully. available.

“That is why we will continue to have this approach which makes sense, allows people to go about their business, but still encourages people to get vaccinated.”

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