RCMP looking for witnesses in investigation of Kamloops police impersonator

VANCOUVER – The Mounted Police are appealing to any possible witnesses following allegations of identity theft by police in the Kamloops area.

Kamloops RCMP executed a search warrant in connection with the identity theft investigation on Friday.

Mounted Police are asking anyone who has reported a suspicious event involving a potential police impersonator or who has interacted with someone suspected of impersonating an officer to contact Kamloops RCMP at 250-828-3000 .

“Even though this interaction happened several years ago, if you feel that someone has approached or stopped you, but it was not entirely clear if it was an agent law enforcement, if he indicated he was a police officer but something seemed suspicious in the interaction, please contact us as soon as possible, “said Kamloops RCMP Constable. Crystal Evelyn, in a press release.

Constables say they are aware of other reports in the province involving police identity theft.

“These reports are of great concern and we take these allegations very seriously to help ensure that public safety is not compromised by police imitators,” said Insp. Jeff Pelley.

In another incident, a suspected police impersonator was arrested by Kelowna RCMP on May 1 after a 64-year-old man allegedly performed a fraudulent traffic stop.

The man was driving a smaller white SUV with strobe lights on the dashboard and was caught stopping another vehicle near the intersection of Freeway 97 and Drought Road in Peachland.

He was taken into police custody and subsequently released pending a court date.

Kamloops RCMP also alerted the public to another incident on May 12 in which a vehicle equipped with “police-style” equipment was towed and its plates seized.

“It’s worrying for the police and the community any time someone has outfitted a vehicle in a way that makes their connection to law enforcement ambiguous,” Pelley said, in a press release to the ‘era.

RCMP say anyone equipping a vehicle or dressing in a way that could make the public believe they are a police officer can be investigated and can carry a sentence of up to five years jail if convicted.

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