Reactions to Prince Harry’s book are extremely mixed

Prince Harry’s long-awaited controversial memoir Spare, was released this week and is already on its way to becoming a bestseller. But not everyone who read it loved it!

Video by Shibani Gokhale

Video transcript

SHIBANI GOKHALE: “Prince Harry should be ashamed of himself.” “He continues his mother’s work.” “His book is wonderful.” “Who even asked him to divulge so much information?” These are just some of the reactions people have had to Prince Harry’s new book ‘Spare’.

Prince Harry’s highly anticipated memoir was released this week and is already on its way to becoming a bestseller. The book captured the attention of the world. And the reactions are wildly mixed. Many people praise his courage to stand up to institutional injustice, call him a hero, shower him with compliments, and even compare him to a fairy-tale prince.

On the other hand, many have accused him of betraying the monarchy, his family and even the UK. Some are even calling for his royal titles to be stripped. Meanwhile, some people wonder if his only motivations for opening up through his book, the documentary, and the various media interviews are financial. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have signed lucrative deals with Spotify, Netflix and Penguin Random House that are expected to fetch nearly $150 million.

Some social media users just want him to shut up. They wonder why someone who demanded confidentiality is suddenly willing to talk about every incident in their life. Many have asked if the public even needs to know such intimate details about him. Opinions were so divided that we decided to ask an expert to comment.

Caroline Harris, a lecturer at the University of Toronto and an expert on the royal family, said the public had seen Prince Harry grow up. And so with every memory he shares, there are others who have a different point of view. And it gets a lot more attention. We asked Yahoo readers how they feel about Prince Harry sharing his story, and they seem equally divided. So what do you think of his book?

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