Ready To Mingle: Start Date For New Naughty Dating Show

The start date has been announced for ITV2’s dating show with a twist – filmed in Torquay, the show will fill the void left after the end of Love Island this week.

The show will begin on Monday, September 6 as the single woman tries to find a partner among the 12 men in the house. But only half of them are really single,

In the first episode, Sophia and the guys all move into a house in Maidencombe and get to know the luxurious house overlooking the sea towards Babbacombe.

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What is Ready To Mixle?

The new ITV2 dating show will follow a single woman in her search for her perfect man and 12 men will then go head-to-head to win her affection. However, there is a twist. Some singles are already in a relationship and will lie about their single status in the hopes of winning a cash prize.

They will stay in a luxury clifftop location as they go through a series of tests, tasks, and games to compete for their ailments as each competitor is taken down one by one. But that’s not all. The men who are in relationships will be secretly aided in competition by their actual partners, who, it seems, will be frowned upon as their men outright cheat on them so as not to blow up their blanket.

Why is the format controversial?

When viewers heard about the format, they complained to the television regulator OFCOM.

One of them wrote: ‘Hello @Ofcom can we complain about this before it goes on air? What a horrible and damaging idea for a show.’

And presenter Katherine Ryan said she abused the “vile” idea of ​​people who thought it was “upset” to have men pretending to be single.

But the actress defended her feminist tenets and recorded a podcast asking people to wait and see before passing judgment, saying the format was not as straightforward as you might think.

And she ended by saying, “But keep sharing – because I look TOO GOOD IN THE PRESS PHOTO. [above]. I’m wearing this amazing giraffe print fitted shirt – it’s a great shot. Just share it. It will be the one that has all the C words below that are intended for me. Then people will see how things are when it comes out. “

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Who’s in the Ready To Mixle house?

Bay View House, Torquay, where ITV is filming a new Ready to Mingle reality show
Bay View House, Torquay, where ITV is filming a new Ready to Mingle reality show

  • The single woman and …
  • Chris Baber, 27,
  • Lewis Crocker,
  • Toby Bougouneau, 24 years old
  • Drew Wedlake, 26
  • Louis Hart,
  • Hakeem Tru,
  • John okafor
  • Miles Elliot,
  • Casey Sonnekus, 22
  • Rudi senghore

Where was Ready To Mingle filmed?

Inside the Ready to Mixle mansion
Inside the Ready to Mixle mansion

The show is filmed inside Bay View House, a £ 3.5million ultramodern three-story luxury home with stunning views of the South West Coast Path in Maidencombe above the cruise ships in the Babbacombe bay.

There was tremendous excitement and a bit of anger when news broke that a new dating show was reserving all of the vacation homes and fields available around Maidencombe on the Cliff Road from Torquay to Teignmouth. They filmed paddleboarding tasks on the beach and rented a luxury boat in Torquay Marina for another.

Most locals seemed to enjoy the hive of activities – but the residents of the tiny hamlet of Maidencombe were annoyed by a large fireworks display late at night for the final.

Ready to Mingle producers fired fireworks for the show's finale
Ready to Mingle producers fired fireworks for the show’s finale

Who is the host of Ready To Mingle?

Canadian actress and presenter Katherine Ryan finished filming just three weeks before giving birth to baby Frederick.

She posted this awesome photo of herself on the Torquay Set.

The Duchess The star said, “I’m so excited to be a part of this new dating game show. How could I say no?”

She added, “It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before, but still with all the drama and dating dilemmas we love to see, and I’ll be there in the front row while this unfolds!”

She fell in love with Torbay and enjoyed walking around Devon with her husband Bobby Kootstra.

As she filmed Bobby driving her along the Torquay seafront, she said, “Woooo! Is this the English Riviera then? Superb. A break in the UK is just what you need. This place. is narrow! “

And Bobby agreed, “It’s beautiful this time of year.”

What is the prize money?

Half the men in the house just claim to be single – in order to win the £ 50,000 prize. But the other twist is that their wives and girlfriends were secretly staying out of sight in the next house in Torquay and following what was going on and giving their men advice on how to seduce Sophia and make a lot of money.

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Episode 1 Monday September 6 – 10 p.m. ITV2

Bay View House, Torquay, where ITV is filming a new Ready to Mingle reality show
Bay View House, Torquay, where ITV is filming a new Ready to Mingle reality show

Dating game show hosted by Katherine Ryan in which a woman tries to find a partner among 12 suitors, half of whom claim to be single only to win the £ 50,000 prize. In the first edition, Sophia and the guys all move into a house in Devon and get to know each other.

Episode 2 Tuesday September 7 – 10 p.m. ITV2

The Ready to Mingle film crew were pictured on a beach in Torquay
The Ready to Mingle film crew were pictured on a beach in Torquay

Sophia continues to get to know the guys to determine which of them are single and which are lying, as their partners arrive to watch their men and help them win the £ 50,000 prize. Katherine Ryan announces a shock double elimination.

Episode 3 Wednesday September 8 – 10 p.m. ITV2

Superb floating staircase
Inside the Ready to Mixle house

Sophia takes the men on dates to try and figure out who’s single and who’s already in a relationship, while one of them drops a huge bombshell as the pressure starts to build.

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