“Real Housewife” The famous Berkshire County home of Dorinda on Airbnb

I admit it. I’m addicted to bad reality TV, especially anything Real Housewives. Yeah, I realize this is trash TV, it pushes a tale of unattainable beauty and richness, and in some cases probably backs up women in their twenties, but damn it, I like this. And millions of other people too.

Hence my excitement when I saw that Dorinda Medley, one of the most prominent former cast members of the cast of Real Housewives of New York, was putting her iconic Blue Stone Manor Property on the popular rental app. short-term Airbnb, for two one-night stays. .

Blue Stone Manor became synonymous with RHONY when the cast began taking annual trips to Great Barrington, where Dorinda grew up and owns a home. The cast would run throughout the Berkshires for four to five days, which typically resulted in two or three episodes per season.

Ever since Dorinda left the show, she thought it would be fun for fans to have the option of staying at her now iconic South County property and cheaply. The four bed, four bath, 11,000 square foot mansion costs just $ 100! The option to rent her home opens at 12 p.m. on August 18 and she only offers it for one night, to two different tenants on August 23 and 25.

According to Dorinda, the house itself is a 1902 hilltop estate in Great Barrington is “best known as the idyllic setting of some of our scenes, well, less than idyllic on the real housewives of New York, but there is more than drama to display here. Jewel-clad peacocks, shell statues and a gorgeous velvet swell also abound – it’s a feast for the eyes. “

Check out some photos of the lavish home below and here’s where you can try to book the home yourself when it opens on August 18th.

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