Release date, trailer and everything we know so far

netflixThe June 2022 “men’s” roster seems to have gotten really interesting. But this particular man in question is neither fight a bee neither is he grey; he’s from Toronto, and he’s bad and very badass. say hello to Woody Harrelson in and as The man from Toronto. And there is Kevin Hart also in the lead, alongside the lead role of Harrelson. It’s a dangerous but tempting concoction that we can’t wait to experience.

The man from Toronto follows the two men in a case of mistaken identity, where each of them is mistaken for the other while staying at a vacation rental. And what follows is something we don’t need to explain. Let’s just say it’s going to be a hilarious comedy of errors packed into a high-speed action movie. Are you ready for some super thrilling action from the team of Hart and Harrelson? We bet you are. So, find out everything we know so far about The man from Toronto before the film arrives on Netflix in June. From the plot to the cast and characters, including the trailer, you will find all the details in the following guide.


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What is the release date of The Man from Toronto?

The film was originally slated for theatrical release by Sony Pictures. And after a million release date delays, The man from Toronto releases Friday, June 24, 2022 on Netflix, which is just in time for your weekend watch.

The two-and-a-half-minute trailer for The man from Toronto is exactly what you can expect from the duo. It’s a wild and crazy thriller, starring Harrelson as the dangerous killer, Randy, aka “The Man from Toronto.” Hart’s Teddy appears to have been mistaken for a deadly Toronto assassin when he lands in an Airbnb. Soon, he realizes the trouble he’s gotten himself into (unknowingly, of course). Then the real man from Toronto appears on the scene and what results is nothing but a series of unfortunate but hilarious events. The two complete opposites must team up to save, well, themselves.

There’s plenty of car chases, firepower, and wise dialogue that’s exchanged between the two leading men. Well, there’s a bit of a bromance-type situation that’s sure to blow your mind. It’s adorable and funny when Teddy has a crush on Randy. You can expect the rest of the story to happen. Watch the trailer for a first-hand experience.

Who is in the cast of The Man from Toronto?

Besides Hart and Harrelson, the entire cast of The man from Toronto also includes Kaley Cuoco, Jasmine Mathews, Lela Loren, Pierson Fode, Jencarlos Canela, Kate Drummond, Tomohisa Yamashitaand Ellen Barkinin various roles.

Who are the confirmed characters in The Man from Toronto?

Find out who’s playing who in the upcoming action-comedy thriller.

Kevin Hart as Teddy – Teddy is a screwed up salesman in New York who rents out an Airbnb. When he lands there, he seems to be mistaken for someone called “The Man from Toronto”. Teddy soon realizes he’s gotten himself into something he shouldn’t have and must depend on the real man from Toronto to stay alive.

Woody Harrelson as Randy – Randy is the titular “Man from Toronto”, a deadly killing machine who is supposed to be at the Airbnb where Teddy ends up. He’s a professional assassin sent on his new mission, but things go wrong thanks to Teddy. And now Randy must work with him to complete his mission and also save his own life.

Other roles include Kaley Cuoco as Maggie, Jasmine Mathews as Ruth, Pierson Fodé as “the man from Miami”, and Tomohisa Yamashita as the “man from Tokyo”, among others.

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Who makes the Toronto man?

The man from Toronto is led by Patrick Hughes. Hughes is an Australian filmmaker and screenwriter who has previously directed The Expendables 3. He is credited with directing the action comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguardas well as the sequel to the film, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. These two movies also feature a weird partnership of two very opposite characters and their hilarious antics, which are quite similar to those of The man from Toronto.

Netflix’s latest action-comedy is written by Robbie Fox and Chris Bremnerbased on a story by Robbie Fox and Jason Blumental. Blumenthal is also a producer of The man from Torontoin the same way Todd Black and Steve Tisch.

When was the Toronto man filmed?

The shoot for The man from Toronto was scheduled to begin filming in Atlanta in April 2020 but the Covid-19 pandemic halted production until October 2020. Filming then wrapped in Toronto instead of Atlanta.

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When does the Toronto man take place?

Although there is no specific timeline suggested or mentioned in the film, it is fair to assume that the story of The man from Toronto takes place in the present day when the film was shot, i.e. between 2020 and 2022.

What is the man from Toronto talking about?

Here is the official synopsis of The man from Toronto:

“A case of mistaken identity forces a bumbling entrepreneur to team up with a notorious assassin known as The Man from Toronto in hopes of staying alive.”

So what exactly is the story about? The action comedy Breaking up is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Teddy is a shitty salesman who just wants to be at the Airbnb he booked. Why? Which we will have to discover in the film. But when he finds himself there, he has no idea that his life will change, and not necessarily in a good way. From wanting to spend time in a vacation rental, Teddy finds himself in FBI custody, partnering with an international assassin and learning the ropes, from the assassin himself. It’s certainly not what Teddy had planned. Randy, meanwhile, is a professional killer. His new mission is foiled as a random vendor takes his place. And the people he works for aren’t happy. So, now, to save himself, he must have Teddy followed. This meeting between these two very strange men turns out to be chaotic but funny and who knows, they might end up becoming friends at the end of it all.

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