Rent an entire Big Sky Montana Mountain on Airbnb for $ 88 a night

The world has no shortage of unique, weird and wonderful places to go or experiences for the intrepid vacationer. And Airbnb just added a new competitor to the list thanks to a partnership with Big Sky Resort in Montana and legendary mountaineer Conrad Anker.

Together, they conspire to invite two guests to experience the true majesty of Andesite Mountain in Big Sky with the added benefit of having the entire mountain to themselves for the duration of the stay while Anker is on an expedition to Mount Everest. This unique two-night stay will cost just $ 88 a night this fall October 7-9 – the price of a hat trick at Andesite Mountain’s 8,800-foot elevation above sea level.

The stay will give lucky guests the chance to explore 5,850 acres of land, dive over 100 miles of hiking and biking trails, and get exclusive access to the top of Lone Mountain – so maybe not. for the quieter vacationers. Although you can of course take the tram 11,000 feet above sea level to take in some truly epic views without much effort.

“Having lived nearby and explored Big Sky for almost 20 years, I am delighted to invite guests to experience the magic of Montana and have Andesite Mountain to themselves,” Anker enthuses. “From the breathtaking panoramic views to the thrill that comes with outdoor adventures, I’ve known for some time that Montana is a special place and I can’t wait for guests to make lasting memories during their own stay here. “

Over the past year, travel to big cities and urban environments has changed dramatically, with more and more people turning to the great outdoors in search of solitude and the chance to truly get away from it all. Airbnb Says Wishlists on its Platform Containing the Words “Mountain,” “Hike,” and “Rural” Have Increased 68% in the Last Year, with Montana the # 1 Trending Destination for Summer future.

Anyone who manages to have this unique experience will be able to tailor what they do with some pretty epic activities to choose from. Take a private expedition to Lone Peak at 11,000 feet above sea level with a guided flora and fauna tour, horseback riding along mountainside trails, fly fishing Blue Ribbon Trout Stream, Gallatin River and hop aboard the Ramcharger 8 chairlift.

If this tires you completely, sit back and bask in the great outdoors under this unparalleled eponymous Big Sky and keep an eye out for the Draconids meteor shower that should be showcased on your first night (a telescope is available to you), before dinner for two in the neighboring yurt. If there is WiFi, Anker will call you for a chat straight from Everest itself to “feast on stories from his three climbs”.

Better yet, take the opportunity to yodel at the top of your lungs and listen to the perfect echoes echoing amid the mountain peaks – with no audience to judge your efforts!

Airbnb also announced that it will be making donations to Big Sky Youth Empowerment, a local non-profit organization that gives vulnerable teens the chance to succeed through group mentoring, and Montana Conservation Corps, a program that inspires young people through hands-on service projects in the great outdoors, to recognize and recognize the contributions they make to the conservation of Big Sky and its people.

For a chance to book this insane stay, you can apply from 1 p.m. EST on Wednesday May 13 at

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