Rent control and Airbnb restrictions to discuss…

A proposal to introduce rent control is set to be discussed at Labour’s annual conference, which will be held early next week in Liverpool.

The exact wordings of the proposals weren’t agreed until a day before the conference began, but preliminary motions include one from the left-leaning group Momentum – seen as Corbyn supporters now critical of Kier Starmer’s leadership.

One of the many Momentum motions relates to the cost of living crisis and would commit Labor to campaign for: immediately place energy, water and public transport in public ownership; a minimum wage of £15 an hour; the end of zero hour contracts; repeal of all anti-union legislation; investing in green energy and home renovation; the creation of millions of well-paid, unionized green jobs in public entities; and domestic rent control at 30% of local income.

Another group within the party – the Union Campaign for Social Housing – put forward a motion saying:The Chartered Institute of Housing’s 2022 UK housing review states that “the right to buy has become a strategic failure in England and unless reconsidered the policy will continue to contribute to social disadvantage and exacerbate inequalities”. In response to Boris Johnson’s proposal to extend the right to buy, they say: ‘We are at a point of crisis in this country, with over 1.1 million households on waiting lists for accommodation social. We need more, not less, affordable social housing.

The conference agrees that the housing crisis will not be solved by failed strategies that deliver nothing to millions of people in substandard and overcrowded housing, and those at risk of becoming homeless. The Labor Party must challenge the government’s failure and urgently demand a long-term housing strategy backed by appropriate levels of government funding which must include:

– Full financing of 150,000 social rental housing units per year, including at least 100,000 social housing units with secure leases;

– Fully finance the renovation of all social housing to fight against fuel poverty, the climate crisis and improve the quality of existing housing;

– Invest in direct labor organizations to create well-paying, unionized jobs and apprenticeships to achieve this;

– Put an end to the disastrous right to purchase policy;

– Review social housing debt to address underfunding of housing income accounts;

Empower councils to license and tax vacation homes and AirBnBs

Labor will demand that the government implement these policies urgently and commit to implementing them once elected.

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