Rentals of houses straight out of a film set

There are countless Airbnbs around the world that are quirky, fun, and beautiful, but did you know that there are also a few places on the homestay site that have been pulled straight from your TV shows and movies? favorite?

Yes, after some research we found out that you can book a stay at Harry potterthe childhood home of, the house where Tim grew up About the weather, the Italian villa of Normal people, and even Villanelle’s apartment in Kill Eve. Plus, you can put yourself in Gillian Anderson’s shoes and live in her breathtaking home from Sex education too much.

These Airbnbs not only offer a chance to actually live inside a TV show or movie, but they also have huge pools, stunning scenery, and fun local areas to explore.

Now that travel restrictions are lifted around the world and UK stay rules are almost completely relaxed, there’s nothing stopping you from booking these rental homes for a well-deserved break from work, life and life. of the pandemic. What better way to leave the last 18 months behind than to get away from it all in your favorite movies and shows?

Here are six Airbnbs straight out of a movie set.

Godric’s Hollow In Harry potter


We loosely say “childhood home” because Harry was only there for a year, but it was there that he witnessed his parents’ deaths and got that lightning scar. Now you can feel the force of Lily’s love and be where it all began: Godric’s Hollow. Staying here is probably better than staying at Harry’s other house, Privet Drive.

Located in Lavenham, England, the medieval village has over 300 protected heritage properties, with De Vere house located in the center of the village. They offer full English breakfasts, Wi-Fi, TV, wood-burning fireplace and courtyard garden. Be sure to bring the books and movies for a Harry potter marathon while you are here.

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The Italian Villa at Normal people


Who hasn’t been obsessed with Normal people since it aired on the BBC last year? The beautiful love story between Connell and Marianne, with enough angst to last us a lifetime, based on Sally Rooney’s iconic novel, sees them visit an Italian villa – a turning point in Connell and Marianne’s relationship.

Now you can stay in the Normal people villa, which will accommodate six people and has access to a beautiful swimming pool. Fans of the series will remember the villa from the series and will love the opportunity to have their own love story.

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Villanelle’s lair Kill Eve


In season three of Kill Eve, the iconic assassin Villanelle stays in a killer apartment (pardon the pun) which is decorated in a distinctive and beautiful way.

The apartment, named Casa Ramos, is located in Barcelona about ten minutes from Gaudi’s Parc Güell. It has a Catalan Art Nouveau vibe and will definitely be the perfect place to revisit the cat and mouse game that Eve and Villanelle have going on.

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Tim’s childhood home in About the weather

One of the greatest love stories of all time … and no I’m not talking about Romeo and Juliet, I’m talking about About the weather. You have time travel, you have love, you have Rachel McAdams – what’s not to love?

The beach house where Tim visits his father one last time using his powers is available to rent for a whole bunch of you to watch the heartbreaking movie in a beautiful location – be sure to bring handkerchiefs !

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Otis & Jean’s House In Sex education

After the release of season three (oh my god wasn’t that good?) Fans of Sex education must be dying to see where Otis and the iconic Jean (Gillian Anderson) live.

Now you can, the place where they live in the show is available for rent – but hurry it reserves up quickly.

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