Research finds £ 135million increase in Airbnb in Devon and Cornwall

Online holiday business Airbnb has boosted Devon and Cornwall’s economy by £ 135.3million and supported 4,652 jobs, new research shows.

Data from global analysts at Oxford Economics shows that Airbnb has benefited Cornwall’s economy by £ 45.6million, supported 1,604 jobs and accounted for 9.1% of tourism activity.

The figures also estimate that the US holiday company has inflated Devon’s economy by £ 89.7million, supported 3,048 jobs and accounted for 11.9% of tourism activity.

The new data highlights the important role Airbnb travel can play in supporting the economic recovery in the Southwest, Airbnb said.

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Half of the new listings around the world that were both activated and booked in early 2021 received their first booking request within four days, and over the past summer the average UK host has pocketed nearly of £ 1,000.

The new data comes as Airbnb has written to executives in Cornwall and Devon to reiterate their support for a hospitality registry and their commitment to working together to make the measure a success.

Airbnb submitted hospitality registry proposals to the government in June following a nationwide consultation that included stakeholders from Cornwall and in partnership with the University of Brighton and BritainThinks.

Days later, the government pushed the proposal forward as part of its tourism recovery plan and said it would seek advice on the benefits of a hospitality registry to accelerate the recovery of tourism and tourism. economy after the pandemic.

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“Airbnb can play a vital role in supporting the economic recovery in Devon and Cornwall and we want everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from it,” said Theo Lomas, Policy Officer for Northern Europe at Airbnb. “Clear rules to support hotel entrepreneurs will accelerate economic recovery and create a sustainable future for tourism that protects local communities. We want to work with everyone to make it a success.

Earlier this year, Airbnb launched The Great Rebalance of European Travel, a series of company commitments to work with communities across the region to ensure return travel is safe, sustainable and benefits everyone – by spreading economic benefits to more people and preventing the return of the phenomenon of overtourism, where too much tourism is concentrated in too few places.

The company said: “Everyone in Europe should have the opportunity to benefit financially from tourism and we are committed to our platform continuing to enable this.

“The vast majority of the economy on Airbnb goes straight into the pockets of ordinary people and 55% of hosts in Europe are women.

“Plus, customers staying at Airbnbs spend in local neighborhoods benefiting local businesses. In Lisbon for example, it is estimated that 100 registrations support 52 jobs and contribute more than 2 million euros to the economy.

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