Retail-brand collaborations are a proven sales driver in China

The following is a preview excerpt from Jing Daily’s upcoming market report on collaborations with Chinese brands. Filled with market research, best practices and case studies, the report is essential reading for anyone interested in how Chinese brands and designers are leveraging collaborations to increase revenue and reach new customers. public. Email us to pre-order your copy today.

Globally, brands are leveraging retailer collaborations to expand their reach and revenue as retailers turn to strategy to increase footfall and appeal to younger generations. This type of retail x brand collaboration ranges from mass market to luxury. At one end of the retail spectrum are collaborations between US megastore Target and Tory Burch and Missoni, while on the other are collaborations between Hermès and Sacai and Parisian retailer Colette over the span of two-decade life of the store.

In mainland China, collaborations between brands and distributors on the model of Colette or New York Opening Ceremony have multiplied over the past ten years. One of the pioneers of brand-retailer collaborations in mainland China is Shanghai-based Labelhood蕾虎, founded in 2009 by Tasha Liu. Operating as something of a combination of an incubator for emerging designers and a retailer, Labelhood reaches young Chinese consumers through events and retail experiences through a network of eight retail spaces (which includes its flagship Shanghai , a VIP house and regular pop-ups).

Canal Street x Justine Clenquet. Photo: Weibo

What sets Labelhood apart in the Chinese market is its reputation as a brand incubator, focused on identifying and nurturing new design talent, bringing emerging designers to market, and collaborating with B2B counterparts and international B2Cs such as Pitti Uomo, Tomorrow Group and Machine-UN. Labelhood also operates online stores on Tmall and a WeChat mini program. Since 2014, Labelhood has launched more than 80 collaborations with domestic and foreign brands, including Airbnb, MINI, Harrods, Uma Wang x Marchen and YiranTian.

Founded in Chongqing in 2013, retailer SND (Selection of Nonconformist Design) specializes in domestic and overseas niche and independent brands, with previous collaborations including ShuShu/Tong, The Tavern and Y/Project. Even relatively new independent retailers have set up collaborations with Chinese and international designers, with four-year-old Shanghai-based concept store CanalStreet 坚尼街 launching a collaboration with French jewelry designer Justine Clenquet in March. 2022.

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