Rezoning could bring myriad businesses to Clark and Ballenger lanes

A myriad of restricted uses for land at the corner of Clark and Ballenger lanes in northeast Colombia were removed Thursday when the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission approved a rezoning.

The 10.8-acre lot has been transitioned from a planned neighborhood to a mixed-use neighborhood, eliminating some commercial development restrictions that were previously placed on the land in historic rezonings.

“Development here would improve the area’s services on a transit and pedestrian scale. It would serve the adjacent residential (area) to have a walkable commercial function instead of crossing all the way up Clark Lane in the both ways,” said Rusty Palmer, a planner with Columbia’s Community Development Division.

Previous development limitations lifted with the rezoning include indoor recreation or entertainment sites, such as a bowling alley; armories; research and development laboratories; trade schools; or personal services, such as laundromats or salons. These developments do not require an additional conditional use permit, therefore do not require Columbia City Council approval.

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